March 13, 2012
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I was in this room full of noise, there were random murmurs and there were three to five of grouped people. Some are standing. One girl walked to another girl and she was opening her mouth with her big round eyes which became rounder like she knew something shocking. Somebody who moves like dancing is just few steps from me looking and talking to a girl in a black sweater just one front seat apart from me. Someone is looking at a small glowing black box. Someone just entered the room, closed the door but not that gently making a weak slam, walked swaying his arms for he has a round big body but short arms. He’s in a black shirt that fits his whole upper body. The crowd’s clown just a made a high-pitched noise that seemed like a silly singing or I’d rather say cry with words, lonely lonely. Many are in front surrounding and seating by the professor’s desk for there is no professor attending the class. The noise seemed never ending. They were teasing and shouting at each other. One is shouting at another, repeating such words in a pissing but friendly way. Voices seems to be everywhere in the wide almost vasty-spaced room. I’m feeling pain in my stomach. Then it left me. The voices calmed down. There was a little peace happened at the moment but the murmurs can still be heard.

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