the 6 letter killer

March 13, 2012
Today's the day i thought out loud my smile reaching from one ear to the other. I am going to do the Impossible.
just then i heard my mother calling for me to come downstairs.
I took the stairs to at a time. I looked like a mouse on steroids. When i was down stairs my mother handed me a cup of ice. "Hey mom" I said my excitement over flowing, I think today will be the day we'll be sitting in the waiting room and one of the nurses with a big happy smile will come over to us and shake my hand and say that i am now cancer free and can go home, and hopefully never return. My mother put on a fake smile, and it was all she could do not to cry. She just nodded her head at me, and tried to look hopeful but deep down she knew that i was too far gone and was too weak to make a recovery and that the rare brain cancer would clam me. We slowly went to the car, and once inside I asked her another question momma did you hear about the knew cure they have? Do you think i'll be the first one they use it on? She just smiled and said you never know. But she already knew they would use the cure on someone else, someone who was only in the first stages of the cancer her daughter was not that person her daughter was too far gone. A small tear rolled down her eye she knew she would lose her only child to this horrific killer. As soon as we got to the hospital they checked us in and hurried me off to Kemo. After my Kemo a nurse lead me and my mother to a waiting room there were several families already there crying, this must be were they tell you your gonna die. I mumbled my optimism faded and right before my eyes i say all my hopes and dreams flash before my eyes. I had so much I wanted to live for this wasn't right. I couldn't die now after all i'd been through, after who hard I fought. A nurse in bright white scrubs broke my line of thought. She escorted us into a more private room, and a Doctor walked in, and at that point I lost it. I was on the ground crying at his feet begging him not to tell me I was going to die. But with one strong arm he picked me up off the floor and held me securely to his chest. Have you heard about the new cure? He whispered in my ear. I looked up at his face, then at my mothers face she was talking to a nurse in a a white outfit with every word my moms face seemed to grow brighter. I looked back up a the doctor's face. Then he asked me would I like to be the first to try the new cure. This put a whole batch of new tears on my face. Maybe I wouldn't die like all the others before me. I was taken to a new hospital room, the doctor said, that I would be asleep for 7 days so the could operate. They gave my mother a whole bunch of papers to sign. After she signed them all they had me change to a hospital gown, lie down on my stomach, then they put me to sleep. The last words I could mumble were," I love you mom". Then a deep blackness surrounded me and i fell asleep one week later I woke up to see my mother crying. She turned around just in time to see me looking around she leap to my bedside. She was ecstatic, they said you were dead. She was crying I'm all right mom. The only thing I remember was just before I woke up, I saw a bright light. I was walking towards the light until I remembered you then the light turned dark. And then I was back here with you. After that heart warming moment I was gradually taken off the medicine. The nurse in white took me and my mother to a waiting room. And 5 minutes later a nurse with a big smile came over to us and said congrats your cancer free!

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