How Many Ever Afters

March 13, 2012
Oh no, I hear that Johnny Cash music blaring from our apartment and know that we are about ready to move. As soon as I walk in the apartment I know that I am going to that fake bright smile and the “Hey Honey! Guess what? I got a job. Yeah I know you’re sad but think of all of the opportunities in Texas. Yeah, I know it’s a long ways but we have each other.” How can I face that after I just got a boyfriend and friends? How can I leave after I got the lead role in the school play? How can my mother do this to me every time I start fitting in. She expects me just to bounce back and start a new Happily Ever After. How many ever afters do I need to go through until my mother decides to settle down? How can she do this to me?! I will not back down this time, I will let my mother drag me around the entire USA to find the perfect ever after. There is no such thing as a perfect ever after, it’s time that she knows that. So, with a deep breath, I smooth down my clothes and walk inside.b

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