Looking for you!

March 13, 2012
By Aaron Osborn BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
Aaron Osborn BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
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One day, on one street, in one house, there was a boy named Billy. Billy was an imaginative kid. One day, Billy’s mom and dad had to leave but left a babysitter. Ms. Naner was nice but she was very old. Ms. Naner put Billy to bed. Soon after, Ms. Naner was dozing off on the couch. Billy was worried and had no idea what to do. “Where is mom and dad?” and “will they return?” These questions remained in his head until eventually, he decided to do something. Billy hopped out of bed and began the treacherous journey to find his parents. “First thing, the door” Billy thought trying to find out how he was going to open the door. Billy thought and began stacking objects in front of the door and hopped on. He turned the knob and the door creaked open with ease. Then through the hallway which held all his fears. The crooked pictures on the walls, the darkness through the hallway, and the one flickering light at the end of it with the closet to one side and the stairs on the other. He began, staggering without fright. He had dreamed of that hallway many times but this time he put it all beside and as if walking wasn’t enough, he began running. When he reached the end, he stopped at a halt. On one side were the seemingly never ending stairs and the other the closet. He was frightened of both but for his parents he stumbled down the stairs. When he finally reached the last step he tripped. He fell forward towards the tile floor. Just before he touched the floor he was caught. He looked up with a grin and his father greeted him with a smile. “what are you doing up he said” and Billy replied “Looking for you!”

The author's comments:
This is a short child's story of a young boy, Billy who's parents leave for a little bit even though billy, being only 4 doesn't realize they will be coming back so he goes on a short, treacherous journey to find his "lost" parents.

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