The million Dollar season

March 7, 2012
For my birthday this year I got $180 from my family and friends. I used it all to get in a fantasy football league that cost $150. I decided to do it because I wanted more money to spend on cool things. The winner would get $1,000,000 at the end of the season by having the most wins out of everybody in the entire league! I watch football a lot, so I think I have a good chance at winning the entire league. So I named my team “Tuckobell” after my dog’s nickname. I picked the website because it has the best scoring system. Also, I like it more than Fox Sports and CBS because it has new information and it’s up to date. It uses touchdowns and yards for the main amount of points and adds all the scores up at the end of the week. Then I clicked start and I was in! The website told me that my draft day was on June 12th.
June 12th
Today’s the big day! I’m on the NFL website league home waiting to start the draft. I plan on starting off with getting a quarterback then running back, and etc. All of a sudden it starts! I get the third pick overall from a random choosing. The first pick was Adrian Peterson, and then Chris Johnson, and then I picked Michael Vick because he was leading scorer for QB’s last year and he should get me tons of points throughout the whole season. The draft goes on and I pick Michael Turner, DeSean Jackson, Vernon Davis, and the Packers defense. My team is great! There are a couple of other good teams with Tom Brady, Andre Johnson, and Arian Foster. The good teams and I won’t face each other until the end of the season but that’s a long time away. Now I have to focus on my team and how I’m going to set up my starters for my first game on September 13th.

September 13th
So today is the start of the first regular season game and I’m playing the Raptors. They have Joe Flacco, Calvin Johnson, and Jahavid Best. Calvin Johnson is one of the best offensive players in the game, so hopefully he has a bad game against the Chicago Bears defense so he won’t get any points. The predictions on the website say that I should win by ten points. By 7:45 Sunday night I am winning 65 to 54! Vick is having a great game, racking up 25 points. Sadly Joe Flacco is playing Monday night so I might be in trouble because he usually gets lots of points.
It’s Monday night and Joe Flacco had a horrible game and threw two interceptions! So I won! The end score was 108 to 93 and I came out victorious! My team did great and I can’t wait to play next week.
As the season went on I had a few close calls. Also, if I lose my league I won’t have enough money to pay back my cousin for breaking his Xbox 360, so a lot is on the line.
So, as the season goes on I win nine and lose seven. My ending record was 9-7 which is not very good but good enough to get me into the playoffs. There are four other teams in the playoffs that I will have to go up against. First I play the Rubber Duckys, and I barely survive by having Vick score 32 points so I win by two points. All my players are doing great. Michael Vick is having a great season with DeSean Jackson, and Michael Turner! The great thing is they’re all the best players on their team so they get the ball almost every play. Next week I will be playing in the championship for $1,000,000.
This week I will be playing the Stompers!!! It will be an insane matchup. I’m predicted to lose by a couple points but I won’t give up yet. So I put in Michael Vick, Deanglo Williams, and Vernon Davis. They are all playing very bad teams so I should get lots of points. This is my best line- up possible, so I have my fingers crossed. By Sunday night I’m losing by 10 points but DeAnglo Williams is playing on Monday night, so he needs to have at least 11 points. As the days go by I keep wondering if I should keep Deanglo Williams in or should I bench him.
Then last night I was watching ESPN and my nightmare had started. It read “Breaking news, Michael Vick has gotten injured due to a tear in his hamstring. He won’t be able to play for the rest of the season and maybe longer. So fantasy owners I would start looking for another quarter back for the final week of the season.” So naturally I ran to my computer and go on the website. I look up “available quarterbacks” and a lot of players pop up. I can choose between Cam Newton or Matt Schaub to be on my team. So I choose Cam Newton on the Panthers because they have a few good wide receivers and my player, DeAnglo Williams.
So now it’s Monday night and there are five seconds left in the Panthers-Saints game and Cam Newton hands the ball to DeAnglo. He runs five yards then breaks a tackle and stiff arms Chris McAlister facemask. He is in the open on the 50 yard line! Wait, all of a sudden, Pro bowl safety Darren Sharper comes out of nowhere and is running full speed at DeAnglo! DeAnglo jumps over him and dives into the end zone! TOUCHDOWN!!!!!! I am so ecstatic! An 80 yard TD run! And I win the whole league and beat the terrifying Stompers! I’m going to be a millionaire! This was a great league and I’m so glad I joined it! They told me I would get my money in the mail sent from Las Vegas. I’m definitely playing again next year.

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