A Night in the Dark

March 6, 2012
By RichardDumbwood SILVER, Alamosa, Colorado
RichardDumbwood SILVER, Alamosa, Colorado
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I am reading a really horrible book called The Perfect Storm for English class late at night when all of a sudden all of the lights and the television shut off without warning. The room becomes extremely quiet except for constant tick tock tick tock tick tock coming from the clock that my grandpa gave me for Christmas when I was seven years old. I extend my arm to put my book on my night stand when my hand hits a smooth cylinder object. Kusshh!! I must have just knocked my glass of orange juice off of my night stand. The air is instantly filled with an extremely strong citrus scent. The smell tickles my nose and gives it a nice cooling sensation. I gently reach down towards the soft carpet when I get a sharp shock on the tick of my finger. I feel my rough finger tip and I feel a shard of glass in my tender finger. I pull it out and I feel an instant relief. It felt like quickly putting an ice cube on a second degree burn.

I am useless with out the lights on so I really need to go find the fuse box so I can finish reading that horrible book my English teacher assigned me. I will also not be able to clean up the mess I made until I can see so I do not cut myself again. I move to the right so I am away from the spot where the glass shattered. Once I believe I am far enough away I turn to the direction where I think the door is. I extend my arm so I do not run into the splintered wooden door. I slide my soft fuzzy socks against the fluffy carpet so I do not trip. I can feel all the hair on my body stand up from the static I am creating. I am pretty sure that I am almost to the door. Zapp!! All of the electricity that has built up on the way to the door shocked the crap out of me. At least I didn’t run into the door and stub my toe. I open my door and stick my hands out again. I start to walk down the hall way filled with pictures and paintings that I have collected through the past few years.

I only have to finish walking though the narrow hall way, the kitchen, and go into the storage room to arrive at my destination. I continue inching my way through the pitch black hall way. As I bump from side to side I feel the temperature to begin to drop. I must be getting closer to the kitchen. As I drag my toes down the hall way I feel a quarter inch raise then a drop to the cold hard wooden floor of the kitchen. I am finally almost to the storage room so I can turn the power back on. As I am walking forward I smell the left over pizza and Italian dressing than I didn’t finish on my salad. The smell makes my mouth instantly water like a flash flood in the desert. Once I turn on the power I am definitely going to go finish up my food. Ouch!!! Son of a Gun!!! I was walking toward to food on the table instead of the storage room and ran right into the table and stubbed my toe. After I hop around a couple of times I change my direction and walk towards the storage room door. My hands touch the cold door and I slide them down towards the door knob. I grab the cold metal door knob and twist it. The door creaks open. I take one step in, turn ninety degrees to my left, grab the power switch and pull it down. I see a bright flash then everything turns white like when you get knocked out and you are going up to heaven in your dream. I blink a couple of times and I can start to see again. Thank goodness, now I can eat my pizza and salad.

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