The One and Only Trip to Mexico

March 4, 2012
By , Mattawan, MI
“Hi my name is Sammy Joe. I have long blond hair and beautiful, big blue eyes. One thing that I like to wear everyday is dark blue jeans with lots of rips in them and plain T-shirts. I am 6'1” tall. Kids make fun of me a lot at school for being tall. I really enjoy going shopping with my boyfriend Markus, going on walks with my dog and I really enjoy vacations. I have not gone on many vacations, but the one that I have always dreamed of going on is to Mexico with my mom, dad, and boyfriend. There is no reason why, but I have always wanted to travel to Mexico.
We were on our way home from going out to dinner and I said to my mom in a shy voice, “I would love to go to Mexico.”

“That would be a trip of a lifetime”, she explained. The rest of the ride home was silent.

When I got home I went up to my room to listen to my parents talk about a vacation to Mexico. They were saying how the money might be a problem. I was about to cry on my stained, fluffy carpet. I really wanted to go there and could not believe the only thing holding me back was the money. I was mad and sad inside. I had to get a job to help my parents pay, so we could go on the trip.

The next day I went out to the local store and put in a job application. As I was driving home I was thinking, if I worked 10 weeks I would have enough to pay for the air fair. If I worked 20 weeks I would have enough for me to go. My hope was to work 20 weeks so I could pay for the entire trip.

When I got home I told my parents I got a job because I had overheard them talking about how money was the problem. My mom was telling me how she new that I would be listening and that they were just kidding and planing on telling me that we were going to leave in two days. I hugged my mom and sprinted up to my room to pack. I was as excited as a dog when the owners gets home.  I had the I-can’t-stop-smiling look on my face.  I packed about 20 outfits not knowing how many days we were going. I ran out of my room and sprinted down stairs. I began to ask all the questions in the world. The most asked questions were: Can Markus come? How many days are we going to be gone?

Finally the day came that we arrived in Mexico. It was like nothing you would ever believe. I was looking out the window and all I could see were amazing trees and beyond beautiful flowers. I was sitting back in my seat about to fall asleep because of the time change. I told myself that I could not do that because of the view. All of the sudden, I looked out the window and saw the most amazing thing I will ever see in my life. It was an ocean. No one said anything because it was so beautiful. It had taken us at least five miles to get past the bluest of blue oceans. My boyfriend put his arm around me and just smiled. I just smiled with him and we went the rest of the ride like that. When we got to the road where the condo was going to be, I almost started crying. Well I had tears in my eyes. It was wonderful. I was thinking I never would have thought that it would be me sitting here, in this car, in this seat. We pulled into the driveway of the condo where we were going to stay. It was called Ocean View. Everyone got out of the car and started to get stuff out. I just sat there in amazement. I finally got out and went inside to join everyone, get ready to have fun, get a great sun tan, and play in the beautiful ocean. It was the most wonderful thing that had ever happened to me. I went up to my room in total joy. I was standing looking at a view of the ocean in my blue jean shorts with lots of holes, and plain rose shirt.

Then out of no where my mom yelled “ Sammy Joe it’s time to get up and go to work.”

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