Out of hand

February 27, 2012
By Anonymous

“In the fathomless depths of a shallow swamp. Lurks a creature that strikes fear into the eyes of its prey. This grotesque beast can snap a neck with a single bite. It holds the poor animal and twists it in the water to make it spaz. It’s a log then it’s a ferocious beast that cannot be defeated. This horrible creature is you!” I gambade at my sister as I say this. She screams and hides then slaps me for calling her grotesque.
She liked her stories, but I liked to make my own and make it seem that I'm reading mainly because my sister is as gullible as a troll. I was about to start reading the story but I was spiritless to read anymore and collapsed right on her like a cartoon character getting knocked out. In the morning I woke up on the ground with my cat licking my face. Looks like my sister pushed me on the ground last night while I was sleeping on her. I guess I would do the same as her.

I did my morning routine then went to get some pancakes. I call them cloud pancakes mainly because they are soft, wet (from the syrup), and delectable. They can be as brown as a wooden plank or as black as a bad luck cat. They can be chocolate or blueberry. I love them no matter what. As I devoured them as fast as I could and I could feel the syrup slide down my cheek like a water droplet. Suddenly there was a smell that was intoxicating. My brother puts on fancy cologne which made the pancakes taste like they were actually coal.
About five minutes later when I finished my pancakes, I clamber up stairs so that I can reach the roof in time to see the sunset and say hi to my friend. I whip into my room and climb through my window onto the rugged roof. My dad forgot to patch up the holes that were on the roof, but I’m not daunted. I’ve been up here a lot so I knew all the weak spots. I found my favorite spot and gazed straight ahead at the orange, red, and yellow sun rising over the other houses like it’s going to come down on top of them. I waited a little while for Anton, but he didn’t show up. The old grouch named no-fun-Noah came out though. He was in the army and I heard they hit you with a gun if you even smiled. They hit all of the fun out of him. He was also very old, barely hanging on to life like a goat on a cliff.
When I saw enough, I slid down to the edge of the roof, dropped onto my driveway, and waited for my bus. When the bus arrives I instantly look for Anton. There he was sitting alone in a middle seat. I settled in next to him, but he ignored me. We exchanged greetings and trade the chocolate that we had in our pockets. “Why weren’t you on the roof is something wrong?” I asked.
“It’s just that you seem gross to me now,” Anton revealed nervously.
What the huh? I wondered why he thought that. “Why would you think that, I'm not gross at all?”
“Well that’s not what I heard,” he gabbed matter of factly. “According to a kid in the hall you pee your pants, suck your thumb, smoke, and wear make-up to hide your huge eyes.”
“I do no such thing, and you actually believed that?” I asked quizzically.
“Well, no, not really.” Anton says, unconvincingly.
I was so shocked at how easily he was tricked. I really want to know who to blame forth. “Who was the person that said it?”
He looks at me with his sorry face and said, “I don’t know who they were. One had a high squeaky voice. I could smell smoke and they seemed kind of strange.”
Sam and Stan. Those are the people he was talking about. They both have problems. Sam has huge eyes that haunt me every day and he has the highest voice in the school. Sam never did go through puberty and he never found a girlfriend. Stan is different than Sam though. He has a scratchy voice and always smells like smoke. He wears the same clothes every day and he thought that he was the toughest kid in school.
He sees my angry face and he cowered into the corner.
“The two kids I hate most in this whole school are spreading fake rumors about me,” I said. I formulated a simple plan. Punch them both in the face and start a rumor about them.
Then I stopped myself. Sam is a cry baby. If I punch him, I will get in trouble. I never see Stan because he isn’t in any of my classes. If I see him in the hall he is always by a teacher.
Looks like I will can only spread a rumor about them. “Everything that you heard about me is not true the smelly kid is Stan and the other kid is Sam. Stan smokes and Sam will probably never hit puberty,” looking relieved Anton nodded.
The next day at school I see Sam and Stan sitting in a corner being tittered at. Only, it was the wrong Sam and Stan. People were gathered around them calling them things like Mr. Pee’er pants.
I spent the rest of the day freaking out. In my science class I was 10 minutes late. In social studies class there was a pop quiz that I failed because I kept thinking about my friends getting chortled at in the corner. In my English class I was supposed to read a poem but the words blurred and I screwed up. In Spanish class I forgot to turn in my homework when she asked for it so then when I did hand it in she thought that I put the answers down as she was rhapsodizing (I called it nagging) so I got in trouble there to.
By the time school ended, I was in trouble with all of my classes. With three detention slips, I headed to detention. I sit at a desk and see Sam and Stan sitting in the way back. The guilt is killing me, so I get closer to them. As soon as the teacher falls asleep, I tell them everything. From the time I heard about the rumors about me all the way until I came to detention today.
The next day I saw Anton and started flipping out at him for spreading a rumor about the wrong Sam and Stan.
“Whoa man don’t freak out. You’re the one that told me the truth about them. They are total freaks. I thought you would be happy considering they were picking on you,” he objected.
“Sam Metzen and Stan Chlinski are my friends okay? The ones I was talking about are Sam Dandy and Stan Evanson.” I debated. I felt as dumb as a potato for the confusion.
At school Sam and Stan were getting laughed at again for the same things. But this time I didn’t feel as bad since I saw a kid actually trying to stop the teasing. His name was Jordan Pickelschniezer. There is always a Good Samaritan. But then things got out of hand. A kid thought that Jordan was attacking him so the kid punched him in the face. Now I had a feeling that this kid was new because Jordan is well known for being really strong. He lunged at the kid and pummeled him to the ground. Officer Weasel was around the corner and he pulled out his Tazer.
The next thing that I knew Jordan was twitching violently on the ground and the kid was next to him bleeding.
When I got home that night I ran upstairs and slammed my door. “Jordan was just trying to help the kids that were getting picked on,” I reason.
“Wait a second who’s getting picked on at school?” she says quizzically.
“Oh, um, my friends Sam and Stan,” I say bowing my head in shame.
“What!” she exclaims, “Why in the world would they get picked on?”
“There are these other kids named Sam and Stan. And they spread a rumor about me, so I told Anton a rumor about them. But he thought that I was talking about my other friends, Sam and Stan. Now everyone is laughing at my friends. I told Anton about the mix-up. Everything is fine.” I say confidently.
Mom looks like she’s about to say something but nothing comes out. “Why, why would they spread such evil things about my sweet son? Why?”
They never have liked me and I feel the same way about them.”
I decide to go back to school the next day.
Suddenly, I feel the wind puts raise the hair on my arms. It tickles my skin and gives me some Goosebumps. I see Sam, Stan, Erick, Ryan, and Mariah walk to me. Sam’s voice pierces through the air, “Hey, bed wetter. You smoke any cigars lately or do you just suck your thumb and put on your make up?”
“Aww did the little teletubby learn to tell lies about others? isn’t that sweet.” I taunt him, “I bet your mama will be very proud of you.”
“I'm not a teletubby and I happen to have a girlfriend, unlike you,” he spits back.
“Oh, really. Is it Mariah? Because she is fatter than a whale.” I gag out loud, “I think you just kissed a lizard.”
I stood there proud of myself for what I just accomplished but it was a short victory. Nobody cheered, no one even stayed around to see the principal drag me into his office. I hear murmurs from the inside of his office.
“My son did no such thing they spread rumors about him” my Mom shrieked.
I was as scared as an armadillo. When the principal opened the door he motioned for me to come in. I sat down and focused on the window. I wanted to jump out of it to run free. Then a miracle happened. A piece of paper floated through the window and I saw Anton’s hand writing on it.
At school the next day I thanked Anton for saving me when I was in trouble at school. His note explained everything. “No problem it’s what friends do.” We spent the rest of the day talking about our plans for the weekend.
That night I walked into my sister’s room to read her a story. She was really excited. I asked her if she wanted a fairytale or a true story. She chose the true story. So I started the tale of the rumor. Of course this story was about what happened to me, but she didn’t need to know that. I finished with this sentence: “no matter what. If you ever get angry or sad, don’t make others the same way. They will get revenge with the exact same thing you did to them. If you treat people nicely then they will do a nice thing for you too.” I whisper to her and tuck her into bed. She just stared at me with glistening eyes that are fading into sleep. She smiled and passed out. I brushed hair out of her eyes, kissed her on her forehead, and whispered to her, “Don’t let it happen to you.”

The author's comments:
It is about a kid that hears a rumor about himself. He tries to solve it, but he gets his friends into trouble. His parents don't help and his sister doesn't help either.

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