Are We Really Growing Up?

February 26, 2012
By BeatlesBabe195 SILVER, Baltimore, Maryland
BeatlesBabe195 SILVER, Baltimore, Maryland
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I remember when times were simpler. When we were younger, everything was simple. The lessons in school, for instance. When faced with subjects such as Chemistry, we get nostalgic for the third grade grammar lessons we used to loathe. We miss the summer days we used to spend with our friends, no matter their gender. We'd leave our houses early in the morning and didn't go back home until the streetlights came on. Now, we're too involved in senseless drama to do such things. We look down upon the silly games of tag we used to love as children. The slides and swing sets at the park look like toys for babies now. It seems as though everything has changed. School's become harder, friends have become someone totally opposite of the person we know and love, and everything seems more stressful now. We may not express it openly, but I know that deep inside, we're all a little nostalgic for our childhood. We all wish we could go back in time. We never want to grow up.

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