Overcoming Magic

March 2, 2012
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My mother is a witch. Not the magic wielding, wart covered kind, but a manipulative, seductive one. I despise her to such a capacity, that she isn't even human to me any more. She is no longer my family, and therefore no longer deserves the honor of being a mother, to me she is just Terri.
From Terri, I have learned that her best trick is fouling you. Her beautiful, young face, transfixes you the second you gaze into her deep emerald eyes, and in that small moment, she has you under her thumb forever. I have been her slave for too many years. Too many years washing, folding, cooking, and cleaning, while she just sits around in her shiny, expensive dresses, waiting for her next victim. I will allow myself to no longer live in the dingy, spider infested basement, wondering when I would receive my next meal, or wear such tattered clothing, even a homeless person would decline it. I will no long be a witch's slave.
The day started like any other, sweeping the living room, cleaning the dishes, and doing the laundry. Only one thing was going to be different about today, and that was me getting out of Dodge.
Terri descended the stairs with a sort of sinister elegance only she could hold. The smirk on her face suggested that nothing good was coming my way. Any typical day started like this, but today she had a little extra hint of  cruel laughter tickling her lips. Oh no! I practically screamed inside my head. What is she planning?! It was killing me knowing that she was keeping something hidden, something involving me. Surprisingly Terri did not make me suffer from  impatience for long, for she soon made her plans clear.
“I have decided that you are no longer of worth to me and that I will be finding a new slave worker. Have fun being homeless,” she laughed, thinking this was the worst thing that could ever happen to me. She could not have been more wrong in her life, and she has been wrong more than her own share of times.
A smile began invading my face as I excitedly threw the few belonging I owned into an  aged, dirt brown duffel bag that has had more than its share of wear. The mere thought that I could finally get out of this prison was more joyous than anything I have ever experienced. The only down part of this whole situation is that I had to let Terri think she had the winning part in this, the last laugh as she would call it. To make my “pretend” misery more believable I slumped down to half my height, and gave off an unappealing aura as I clumsily descended the stairs. My chocolate hair fell into my saddened eyes as I carefully glanced up into Terri’s face, trying to give off the feeling of rejection as I hit the final step.
“Have fun in the real world you ungrateful child. No more mommy to take care and feed you,” she sneered at me, putting an ounce of hate into each word. Not that anything she said was true, but yet it still felt as if something major was being wretched out of my life, even if it was unhealthy for me to hold onto it. I silently bowed my head back down and walked towards my new found chance of freedom, the door. The autumn breeze from outside slightly rustled my hair as I opened my key to freedom and walked towards my new life. Hopefully it is one filled with everything that I have hoped and dreamed for, a real family.

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