Decision Time

March 1, 2012
By TheBallotOrTheBullet SILVER, Honey Grove, Texas
TheBallotOrTheBullet SILVER, Honey Grove, Texas
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It’s like choosing between red or blue; summer or winter; cellphone or computer; this or that. I am just too confused to pick for myself! Which one?!?

“I’m frankly cherry-picking John. My mom said I get to choose but I have to decide fast because the deadline is coming up soon.”

“Well just go with your gut man. It’s not a hard decision,” John always answered the same unbiased response.

“But I need to know now. And I can’t make up my mind. That’s why I’m asking you.”

“Well just go with the same you had last year.” Typical John.

“I’ll just go ask Jake.”

I walked over to Jacob’s house for I knew he would agree and have an honest answer, rather than having no opinion at all. I knocked on the same blue door that I had for years when I came to ask Mrs. Price “is Jacob home?” His younger sister answered the door, rolled her eyes, and shoved me in.

“Jake! Your annoying friend is here!.. AGAIN,” thanks Sis.

I sat down on the comfy couch once again, since his sister didn’t even bother to ask if I wanted to sit. It didn’t matter; the couch pretty much belonged to me. It even had the imprint of my butt on it.

“Oh hey dude, what’s up?” Jacob came in with his outgoing self as always. I was happy to see a different Price.

“Thank God I found you! So, I’m undecided on my choice. Should I go with last year’s choice, or a different one?” I was sure he would have an answer worth the wait.

“Oh I don’t know. It’s your choice.”

What? What is today? Let’s-just-not-answer-and-do-whatever-you-like-day?

“I just want your opinion man. The deadline is Friday. Today is WEDNESDAY! We have to give it time to be made,” I was looking for the right words to look for the importance of this one choice. “It could change the rest of my life Jake! I need your opinion.”

“Okay okay man… Ummmmmm… Just go with the opposite this time. Change it up a little.”

“But John said to do the opposite.”

“Well you said you wanted my stance on this. I gave it to you. Now let me go back to bed man. I was taking a nap.”

I was crushed. John said old. Jake said new. What am I supposed to do?

I guess I’ll just make a choice on my own.

The big day is finally here. Oh… I hope I made the right decision. Inch by inch, I caution taking steps to the big
room and walk through the doors.

“Happy birthday!!!” All my friends and family greeted me. It is the big day and John and Jake standing in the midst of the madness.

“Happy 16th buddy. I know you did right going with my choice.” Jake gave me a pat on the back as a symbol of his happiness that I chose his over John’s.

“Yeah, happy birthday. But you should’ve listen to me.” John wasn’t too excited. But before I could answer, mom walked in with the reward of the big day.

Singing “Happy birthday to you” she sat in down on the table.

I got to cut the inside.

It seemed a drumroll started as the room quickly hushed and gathered around to see what the end result became…..

Chocolate cake it was.

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