The Big Game

March 3, 2012
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“Hut-hut!” Matt yelled. He caught the snap and stepped up into the pocket forming around him. He saw a blitz coming.
Okay, Mo-Jo will pick up the blitz, which will leave Brad in man coverage. So he launched a deep pass over the middle to Brad running a crossing pattern.

Thud! Brad felt it hit him right in the numbers. Another game winner. He thought.

“And the Eagles are going to the State Middle School Championship,” Boomed the announcer. All of the sudden a pair of arms flung around Brad as his girlfriend Summer yelled,

“Awesome Job you were totally amazing!” Brad looked over and saw Matt getting bombarded by fans. But he just loved it and took it easily with his sexy-and-I-know-it swagger. His dark blond hair, and deep blue eyes all perfectly framed by his cheekbones. had all of the girls wanting him to look their way and if he did most of the time they would faint. But then there was his girlfriend Anna, she was perfect for him they were both always so cocky, and they liked all of the same things, and they would never do anything without each other.

Matt knew there would be reporters, he just didn’t know how many. They were asking so many questions he decided just to be cocky,

“When did you notice you’re talent as a quarter back?”

“I don’t know I’ve just always been awesome.”

“How did you pick up that blitz so fast?”

“Cat like reflexes and skill.”

“What was your guys’ game plan going into this game?”

“We decided we were going to be throwing touchdown passes to Brad, running first downs with Mo-Jo, and kicking field goals if all else failed.” And with that the press conference was over.
When Matt got home his mom was waiting for him.

“So I checked your grades Mathew.”

“And how did that go?” Matt asked in a small voice,

“You’re in some big trouble unless... you do some make-up work.”


“Oh yeah that reminds me if you don’t do the make-up work you can’t play in the big game.”

“What that’s so unfair” yelled Matt, and he stormed out of the room.
Brad recived the text that Matt got stuck with a bunch of work and so he couldn’t hang out. Matt’s mom only got on him about grades. Matt was cool, he was popular, he never bullied anyone, but he could be pretty dumb sometimes. Brad went to go hang out with Summer instead but he couldn’t stop thinking about the big game. They would probably lose if Matt couldn’t lead the team, Matt needed to finish all of his make-up work.
Matt’s house was a nice house, a deep blue color with white trim, a light right above the garage, and a big open living room window. It was two floors plus a basement, but confined to his room he felt like an elephant stuffed into a smart car. Matt had to finish the make-up work, he had to play in the big game, he had to make the wining play.
Come on I’ve got my man beat, Mo-Jo will pick up the blitz, just throw the ball, Brad thought. Thud! Right in the numbers. Brad looked up just in time to see the clock go to all zeros. Brad felt arms flung around him and knew immediately it was Summer. In a weird sense of deja vu he looked over to see Matt getting bombarded by reporters.

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