Valentines Day

February 27, 2012
By AmeliaRulesFunnyStory BRONZE, Durham, North Carolina
AmeliaRulesFunnyStory BRONZE, Durham, North Carolina
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“Well, it’s the end of the day...” she muttered loudly. There was no denying it, she was worried. She had told herself in every class that someone would deliver that perfect valentines day card. Maybe a junior, no, a senior boy would secretly be head over heels for her and he just needed to build up the strength to tell her just how he felt. But who could it be? Kevin, the football star? No, even if he did love her with a burning passion, he couldn’t, for it would ruin his image. What about Jimmy, the whiz kid? No, for he could not stray from his hard work just to glance at this young and beautiful freshman, although it hurt him deeply. Wait! She knew who her perfect match was now! It all made sense! It had to be Harry! He was loved by all, but not super popular. He and her had so much in common! He was even in her first period biology class! Ah, it all made sense now. There was only one problem. Harry was a senior whose classes end at 4:30. She was a freshman whose classes ended at 3:00. She would have to wait, just like Juliet waited for her sweet, sweet Romeo. Oh, how romantic! It was perfect!

“Hon, we gotta go.” a middle-aged woman shouted from a dark blue minivan.

“Mom, can’t I stay after? I really need to do something!”

“You do not NEED to do something, you WANT to do something.”

“Buuut mooom it’s important!”

“How much homework do you have?"

“Almost none! C’mon mom. Pleeeaaaseee?"

The woman sighed and nodded, driving off into the distance with Madonna’s “Like a Prayer” blasting out of the cracks of the window.

“Goodbye, sweet maiden, she’s saying in her heart, wishing me the best of luck.” a tear came to her eye.

Now all it was was a waiting game. She knew he’d come for her. He had to. He must! For his love for her was unbearable. He had been hiding it since day one. He was sneaky, but she could see in his eyes his true desire! He needed her by his side! He could no longer contain his love, and must now confess his true feelings for this maiden! It was now 4:30. Oh how quickly time passes when you are in love! She quickly ran over next to his charming steed, but looked casual, of course. The seniors were exiting in a chatter. She heard silly taunts, talks of homework some forgot to write down, kisses upon cheeks. Soon, she would experience the feel of sweet lips. There he was! The handsomest man she had ever laid eyes on. His beautiful caramel hair, all in a ruffle. His stunning, deep brown eyes like pools of chocolate. His cute nose, the perfect balance of pointed and snout. His sweet, precious lips, soft and posh.

“Hey! There you are! Been looking for yah all day!” His voice! Just like an angels!

“Really? Why?” Her playful banter worked like a charm. He confessed.

“I forgot to give this to you. Happy Valentines Day.”

He then handed her a red, heart-shaped valentines card. Oh, the poor boy! Still so shy, he poured all his feelings out on this one, single card. Maybe it was a poem? A ballet for two? Oh, she could hardly wait! She unfolded it and looked down upon this beautiful card.

The feel of cheap cardboard paper with the words “Happy Valentines Day” written in fading magic marker gave her shivers and paper-cuts all down her fingertips. She darted her glance at it hard, as if trying to figure out a complicated puzzle that would solve all her problems. Her beaming smile she always wore slowly disappeared behind a blank stare.

“Sorry about that. My mom makes me give them out every year. I handed them out during class, just forgot about you.”

The hideous boy then hopped into his beat-up, nasty white Volvo and drove away, leaving a confused and lonely girl in the dust.

The author's comments:
Another story I've written. This one was actually written on Valentines Day. No, it's not a personal experience. It just came to me. I got inspired by the James Joyce short story "Araby". Hope you enjoy!

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