Worst and Best Pool Party

February 27, 2012
I was tired, all of us. The others didn’t know what to do on this toasted summer in L.A. I thought of something like, the pool was waiting for us to jump in the water to be cooled. I told half of my family about that coolness. And they rapidly went and wore their swimming suits and got prepared and waited for me outside while I was making fruit punch and cutting watermelons. I ran outside, I couldn’t take the hotness. I jumped in the pool into the water and so did the others.

Narek, dad, grandma and I were having a pool party on summer because it was so hot. I WAS TOAST!!! We were having so much fun that we put music on loud and were playing with basketballs. We were drinking fruit punches and were eating bright red, sweet, and big watermelons. I put up the music so loud, but the music that was playing was my neighbor’s least favorite song. My neighbor woke up from her resting couch, came to her balcony and yelled at us that I can put the song lower, but I didn’t listen to her and I yelled back at her. She got so upset at me.

I did the opposite, like putting song up more, splashing the water hard, got out of the pool and jumped back in, bounced the basketball harder, and yelled ooh ooh, ooh ooh. We had so much fun but she didn’t of course. She turned so red that she had to take resting pills and she took another pill incase she doesn’t blow up. I kind of felt sad, but after I didn’t. She took a deep breath; don’t know why…

She yelled, “ I will get you Satenik, I will,” I didn’t care. I got the hardest ball and threw it at her head. She was about to fall. I wish she fell, too bad, but if she fell, it would have been the hardest earthquake.

It got quiet. The crickets were chirping. I started to laugh, why did I laugh? The others started to laugh too. The neighbor started to laugh too; I’m going to ask again, why were we laughing? I came up to my neighbor and she came up to me. I said sorry to her and she replies, “Do not do that ever again”, I said okay, but I didn’t make sure about that “okay” that I said. Since that dramatic thing was over, we went home and had the warmest day ever.

Narek, dad, grandma, and I changed our clothes. We were bored. It was like chewing a gum. Chew, chew, chew, chew, and now the flavor is gone, and you throw it away. Having a pool party maybe isn’t the best thing to do but hanging with a friend, playing games, or watching television is the best thing to do on summer.

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