February 28, 2012
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Waking up was normal. Getting on the bus was normal. The morning was normal, but these next
few events that flipped our school upside down are not normal, I think.

“Hey Jerry,” Jerry said.

“Hey Jerry, I said. This might be confusing that we are both named Jerry. The only thing that sets me and Jerry apart is that I am laid back, and Jerry is a daredevil. To prove it, Jerry once broke his leg to get a girl, but she still said no.

Jerry and I sat at our usual lunch table next to the usual people on a usual day. Today though was about to get a lot more ….. messy.

As if in slow motion Jerry said,” Watch this.” He had a spoon full of mashed potatoes and forced his spoon back, then let it fly.

As I watched, my eyes were content on what would happen next as if I were watching a movie. SPLUT! The potatoes smacked the girl Jerry broke his leg to get right in the middle of her forehead. She let out a scream that made everyone in the room stop.

Next, her friends chucked food back, and Jerry dodged and the food hits someone else. He threw food, now everyone was grabbing pizza, potatoes, sandwiches, and crackers to hit someone else.

As I stared in awe at what Jerry had created, I realized my shirt was covered in food.

“What are you waiting for?” called Jerry. He's right. I grabbed my pizza, but right before I let it go I saw him. He was running into battle with a pizza in his hand. He ran up to someone and clobbered them with the pizza. I thought to myself, the pizza guy has arrived! I turned back to the action and noticed that now he was getting bombarded with pizzas and mashed potatoes. As he ran for his next target being pounded by food, he slipped. Down he came with gravity helping and he landed right in the middle of a pile of food, face first. The kid who got him came up and took him prisoner, odd for a food fight, and dragged him away.

My attention went back to the fight and everyone had taken sides. I saw Jerry and dashed to a table by his side. The table was tipped over like a shield to block food and provided good cover, but there was food on it so you could not lean on it.

“Hey!” said Jerry and it made me jump,”I scare ya?”

“Ya,” I said noticing he had no food on him. “How do you not get anything on you with all this going on around you?”

“Practice,” said Jerry as he threw another pizza at someone.

Practice, I had thought, how can he get practice for this! As that came into my mind Jerry had handed me some pizzas, which looked like they were taken out of the garbage, and we got to work.

A kid galloped for his life got a pizza to the head from Jerry. I gave the guy that hit people with pizza a taste of my pizza, right in the back and he tripped ….. again.

“Nice shot,” called Jerry.

“Not bad yourself,” I said.

We continued to chuck pizzas left and right until she came in, The principal. Normally she would never get mad, but on that day she was a pot boiling over and spilling on the floor with no one home. Jerry had not noticed and had let go of one more pizza before realizing his mistake. It soared though the air like a bird and the principal did not see it, she was about to say,”What......,” SPLAT! The pizza had landed. Everyone stopped frozen. Next we got up and put up the tables in the normal place and sat down. I peered at the clock. Its only been TEN MINUTES!

Jerry said,” She ruined the fun.” I can't help but smile.

“Jerry where did you get this idea of yours?” I said.

“Where else but TV, Jerry,” replied Jerry. Right then, the bell rang and we went to class.

Turns out the principal broke her right arm on the landing and the teachers made us pick up the entire lunch room, plus mop. The entire time I hated the clean up, but Jerry on the other hand had a smile on his face bright as day, which concerned me so I asked him about it after school.

“Because,” he said,” we didn't have to go to classes.”

“ I guess you’re right,” I said,” I guess you’re right.”

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