High School Drama

February 28, 2012
“Why are you ignoring me?” Sky asks as she walks up to Hunter in the hallway. Hunter doesn’t answer. “Are you mad at me?” He still doesn’t answer. “For what? Because I ignored you during homecoming?” Hunter turns his head away from Sky. “So I’ll take that as a yes. Look, the only reason I ignored you was that I thought you were going to ask me to the dance. I didn’t want to do with you but I didn’t want to tell you no.”

“I wasn’t going to ask you!” Hunter bursts.

“Yeah, I found that out later-” Sky starts.

“And what do you mean you wouldn’t want to tell me no?” He asks defensively.

“If you would have asked me, I would have said no without hesitation. I knew that would have broken your heart, and you would have been all depressed. Therefore, I avoided you so you wouldn’t have that heart break. I ignored you to protect you.” Sky tells him. “You’re ignoring me because you are selfish! And I can’t believe it took me this long to figure that out.”

“I’m not-” Hunter intervenes.

“Yeah you are.” Sky yells cutting him off. “You only think about yourself! You’ve always been like that! You said you’ve changed since middle school, but you haven’t! You are still that cocky arrogant boy that I met about three years ago.”

Hunter opens his mouth to say something but Sky starts back in again.
“You’ve been in different prospective in my mind since I’ve known you. First, I thought you were annoying, then I liked you…then possible loved. Then I was annoyed with you again. I disliked you and it turned into hate. Later it was a friendship like…confused, and now…and now I’m just disappointed.” Sky spits out shaking her head at him.
“Why?” Hunter wonders.
“You haven’t changed! You, among all people, should’ve changed through high school…and the only thing that changed was your appearance. So since you haven’t changed…I’m changing my life for the better.” Sky states. Hunter looks at her confused. “I’m completely shutting you out. Don’t come see me, don’t call me…don’t do anything! Just stay away from me!” Sky turns on her heal, and storms off leaving a confused Hunter behind her.

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