Confessions of a mad high school student Part 3

February 26, 2012
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23rd October

I've had a great, but very boring day. Been thinking constantly thinking about Mr McDermott. God he's cute. So cute!!!
Oh no! My butterflies are back, not good! I am soooo excited for next chemistry lesson. Is going to be awkward for my friend Faith I sit with in Chemistry though!!! Haha, I know I previously said about only starting to realise what great teachers I had after half term, taht was kind of wrong, as I am still in the half term holiday at the moment. Also the only reason I was refusing to accept I had good teachers was, because I didn't recognise I had a crush on Mr McDermott or Mr Hage, resulting in undiognosed heart palputations and anxiety attacks.
Actually I have forgotten to mention my new friends...

Faith-Is an old friend from 9C, but only just started making really good friends with her until this year.
Mary-Is the new girl in the school, she is quite shy, but friendly at the same time. Mary is also in 9C.

Saw Finlay today!!! He is sooooo cute!!! Not in a Mr McDermott cute way though!!!! O.O

God I love Mr McDermott, always will!!! Is just too cute!!! Sorry I'll shut up now.

Anyway, Susan has made a new Matthew plan. She's having a halloween party this year, which Matthew is invited to. I seriously am feeling sorry for this guy, I mean I asked Susan the other day "Why do you like Matthew?" and her response was "He comes from a rich family, I'll marry him and show him off, and then I'll get divorced, making sure I get at least half of the money!!!". However something is telling me that he won't fall for her.

Oh well x
Anyway got to go x

Jasmine x

24th October

I've just found a pen I can write well with. Haven't done much today, went to Cheshire Oaks today. My mum bought a pair of shoes worth £10.99 and some boots which I think were £34.99...nothing for me though, lol x Can't wait till tomorrow!!! Susan and I are going to be having a sleepover!!!

I also told my mum about liking Mr McDermott. She was kind of shocked, because she was expecting me to say someone like Mr Wright, FAT CHANCE!!! O.o

Anyway bye bye for now x

Jasmin x

25th October

Recording my cool dream!!!

I went to school like usual and for some reason it was smoggy. When i got into school, I couldn't find any of the classrooms so began to panic, I then decided my best chance to find my way back was by going to the main hall for assembly and then finding the classrooms by following everyone from my form. After the assembly instead of doing that I decided to get a train on the school grounds with Susan, Faith and Mary. The train then stopped on an old concrete car park, were little tufts of grass grew from cracks on the surface. Susan then found some spraypaint which she then used to spraypaint her name on everything. The weather then started changing from sunny to rainy, then snowy to smoggy. This change
in weather was happening every two seconds or so. We went back to school and it was being attacked by death eaters (don't ask), we made af forcefield around ourselves. However the only way to fight them was by killing teachers, so our first pick was Miss Taylor, Mr Gorrmenn, but we needed one more teacher to destroy to win. That was when Mary pointed at Mr McDermott and I screamed "No not Mr McDermott!!!".

Then someone woke me up *cough* mum.
But strange dream or what?!

Anyway off to check facebook x

Jasmin x

25th October (A little bit later)

Well my mum has just discovered the magic of eBay, she is so excited, because she sold a stamp. I then sarcastically congratulated her and she yelled at me for being too self centered!!!
Anyway I have still got really bad butterflies and have just realised I have no internet connection....great!!!

My Internet Connection = WEP Poor

Yay!!! >:(

I am still so excited for the sleepover, we always talk really openly about everything!!!
We play "Truth and Dare" and my forfeit is to...

Admit having a huge crush on Mr McDermott in front of him!!!

So I am going to do and answer everything!!! Susans is very similar apart from she ahs to admit liking Mr Wright, yukk!!! Still can't believe she likes him!!!

Anyway these are the rollercoaster ratings up to now (butterfly intensity):
McDermott - 10/10
Hage - 8/10
Wright - 0/10
Greenberg - 0/10

McDermott - 4/10
Hage - 3/10
Wright - 9/10
Greenberg - 8/10

Trust Susan to like the two most pompous teachers in the school!!! She is slightly boy/men mad! :/

Talk to you tomorrow x

Jasmin x

27th October
Ooops was way too tired to write in you last night, so I am going to do a slightly longer entry than usual. The sleepover was great, was so funny.

Susan also said something highly amusing, she said Mr Hage had a "fit bum"!!! I was just like "Susan you pervert!!!", but then she made the point that it only meant she was joining the dark side...I personally blame it on us being forced into an all girls school! :/

Talking about yesterday you won't believe what Susan and me did!!! We talked for 5 hours, non-stop!!! We didn't even realise until my mum and dad who had left to go to Chester at 8:00 a.m. where back home at 1:00 p.m.! We talked about loads of stuff.

Anyway with the halloween party coming up I have been considering on what to wear, I decicded I'd just go as a dead school girl, but then my mum told me she refused to let me go as a dead, zombie, vampire, ghost or anything to do with school girls for halloween, and to be honest I think they're the only costumes possible to make in 3 days. And I'm not going as the Grim Reaper again!!! No Way!!!
I suppose my mum does have a good excuse for not wanting me to go as a dead school girl as it could offend some due to a recent tradegy in my school, where one of the 6th formers drowned.
R.I.P. :'(

Anyway on a happier subject I can't wait till school, for many reasons:
1) To see a certain teacher ;)
2) Because I'm bored at home :L
3) I want to be tired again -_- zZzZ
4) I want to probe I'm an amazing student to all my teachers, well at least Mr Hage knows I'm fabulous!!! I got level 7.5 on my last essay, best in class :P
5) I want to make up for what a jerk I was towards Mr McDermott for the first half of the term I was back.

I still feel really bad for how I treated Mr McDermott, I mean I told the poor guy he was a f**king loser to his face, just because I couldn't face the fact I liked him, however he didn't put me on detention...he just said in response "Jasmin....I still have faith in you, keep trying" and put his hand on my shoulder and smiled. I think he could see right through me :L

Bum, my pencil ahs just rolled down the side of my bed...Got it!!! :)
We got our termly report today and I did alright could do better.

Still don't know what to go as for halloween. Also realised I really need to get more photos as well.

G2G x

Jasmine x

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Whoop!!! That was part 3 of Jasmines diary, starting to get a little more interesting now...still working on it though. Please keep on reading, I promise it gets much more interesting :D I might write a little more for part 4 :) oh well I hope your enjoying it up to now :P

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