Confessions of a mad high school student Part 2

February 26, 2012
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26th June

Booring....nothing much has happened today. Been shopping for groceries for ages. And I think that's just about it.

I sometimes wonder what will happen to this diary one day. I wonder whether someone will find it and publish it or maybe I will publish it. Maybe It'll one day be thrown away on a rubbish pile. Oh well, who cares.

Bye for now x

Jasmin x

30th July

It's been ages since I wrote in here, nothing interesting has really happened. The torture of interform and sports day have passed, and only one interesting thing happened that I can remember from the two events....A girl called Rose which is one of my old friends from yr 7, poured water all over me, I was absolutely soaked from head to toe, that was when Mr Hage then came over and yelled at her....which is kind of hilarious, because he is like the campest person on the Earth!!! But then he made Rose pick up all the rubbish, lol x Even though Mr Hage is a total dork, I must say I really do quite like him...but I think it might be, because I always get attracted to feminine looking men...I'll probably forget who he is in a week or two, haha x

Anyway at the moment it's the summer holidays and I'm bored out of my mind!!! I had a haircut today and have bought some nice new outfits!!

Anyway got to go, talk to you soon x

Jasmin x

8th August

Hey, nothings happened, I'm bored and there are still 19 days till I go on holiday!!! D*mn!!!

Bye...FOR NOW!!! Lol x

Jasmin x

22nd October

Hiyya peep,
Ooops lost you on holiday, only just found you in my suitcase lol x My holiday was ok, but Little Miss Attention Seeker (a.k.a. Susan) kept winding me up throughout the whole break. Just started year 9, and October half term has just passed x I must say I was hating school until I got back after the half term holiday. My new teachers are all totally AMAZING!!!! I even have some little secrets.....well crushes.....

Mr Wright (Form) different....he is still pompous as ever!
Miss Beak (Head of Year 9)-She seems to treat Year 9's with more respect than Year 8's and 7's.
Mrs Shell (History)-Still seems to spend all her time shouting at us!
Mrs Bolmen (English)-Brilliant compared to Miss Cornet, shes fabulous!!!!
Mrs Jaynes (Maths)-Love her, she makes all our lessons immense, she uses elves to explain enlargements to us!!! She is also obsessed with Harry Potter!!!
Mr McDermott (Chemistry)-Is the most immense teacher ever!!!! He is so funny and amazing!!! He is understanding and've probably guessed that he is the first person I have a crush on!!
Mr Lutes (Biolgoy)-Is funny in a sarcastic way
Mrs Bolmen (Physics)-I hated her, but now shes my teacher, I've found out she's amazing!!!
Mr Dewey (ICT)-Well hes better than having Mrs Jones...
Mr Greenberg (Product design)-Is pretty dull, but is more predictable than Mr Maher
Mrs James (Food Technolgoy and Textiles)-She kind of scares me, even though I'm like double her height!
Mr Hage (Gepgraphy)-Shoot, out of the 5 Gegoraphy teachers I could had to be him!!! Rose freaked out when she found out, haha. And yes, he is the second person I hav a crush on!!
Mrs Book (German)-Is growing on me, even though she used to be horrible and harsh to me in year 7
Mrs Brown (PE)-Is cool for a PE teacher I suppose
Mrs Lume (Music)-Is alright, apart from she looks like the Jokers wife :L

So yeah, the best selection of teachers I've had yet. But onto the subject of crushes...

Mr McDermott
Like: He is cute, funny, charming, kind, selfless, friendly, really nice personality, is understanding, always watches over people, has dark hair, has the most beautiful eyes in the universe and is Irish!!!

Dislike: Nothing at all!!!

Mr Hage
Like: Is hot, funny, evil in a jokey way, kind, never takes anything the wrong way, nice personality, dark blonde hair and is quite feminine.

Dislike: Has chosen me as his company of the class which usually involves him making fun of me.

I absolutely adore both of them! Especially Mr McDermott!!!
Actually, the only way I can describe Mr McDermott is Constable Kevin Goody from The Thin Blue Line, with a shorter nose, Irish accent and dark hair. I think for future reference if you search:
"The Best of Constable Goody"
in youtube, there is a pretty rocking video so you can try and remember what Mr McDermott looks like.

And Mr Hage, looks like Sean Hayes who played Jack in Will and Grace, apart from with short spiked dark blonde hair....but not overly spiked, it's spiked where it looks really good and not stupid!

Anyway on a new subject last night I had a rocking sleepover!!! Was very funny. We chased a daddy long legs around the room, because it was freaking us out!!! Then Susan started asking me some very strange innapropriate questions about Mr McDermott and Mr Hage!!! Which no-one needs to know about.

Anyway just realised it's 2:30 am, better get soem sleep, nighty nighty x

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