Confessions of a mad high school student Part 1

February 26, 2012
By MysteryWriterOfLife BRONZE, Prenton, Other
MysteryWriterOfLife BRONZE, Prenton, Other
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Favorite Quote:
"A smile a day, keeps all worries away"
"I don't care whether the cup is half full or half empty, at least I have a drink!"
"If I keep making mistakes will I learn more than Einstein?"
All quotes are by me :D

14th April
Dear Diary,
Well Susan is determined to get a boyfriend, I think she is trying to make Matthew her boyfriend at the moment, she has a mad plan which unlikely for him, might work...
1) After Friday Sleepover wake up at 7:10am
2) 7:20am start to walk to Shrewsbury road
3) 7:25am hang around until Maatthew walks to school, and harass him to give Susan his phone number.

Poor guy, Susan kind of uses boys, she just sees them as accesories...not people.
Anyway nothing really happened in school today, just the usual lessons and pompous form tutor to put up with.
Anyway I better get some sleep, night x

Jasmin x
P.S. I forgot to tell you I am not a very consistant Diary writer, so don't be suprised if I miss out about 3 years of writing lol x

14th June

Dear Diary,
Yeah I know it's been a month, but I did warn you! Anyway I have been way to busy to write in here anyway, had exams and everything seriously unfair!!!

Susans plan dramatically failed! She was ill right before the sleepover...which was a bummer, but at least Matthew is stalker free for another day! Just as I expected, my mum hid my tie as soon as she found out about what I was planning to do (spoil sport!).

I've got quite a lot of bad news, my Grandma lost a lottery ticket with over £1,000 winnings for it (typical), my dog has been diagnosed with diabetes, my fish "Bubble" and "Squeak" died after their filter failing in a power cut, my mum then got me two new fish, but she then accidently poisened one, and now "Moss" (the surviving fish) is giving me the look of "Where is my flippen' buddy, and din dins is late!!!", eek!!! Oh yeah, my mum is also in serious debt meaning I have had to stop horse riding....and worst of all, my grandparents can't work out how to use facebook, dun dun dun!!! Lol x

So yeah, it's been pretty rubbish around here, I suppose it could be worse though.
Yesterday was pretty poo...I really hurt my jaw (I punched myself in the face by accident) and now it kills, I have had to live off soup for 3 days now just because I can't chew!!! Plus to add to that, Susan was being all pathetic, because she had, had her jab. She is always overreacting to get attention, so I had no support from her while I was experiencing REAL pain!!!

Today has been absolute havoc! I made the mistake of bringing silly putty in (just for fun) and it ended up in the teachers staff room, however it hadn't been confiscated! It was lets say....ABDUCTED BY TEACHERS!!! Lol x It was put to the ultimate silly putty test....and this is only how I could imagine it being...

Silly Putty Test
By Mr Maher, Mr Greenberg, Dr Campol, Miss Zielinski and Mr Wright.

Stretchiness = 10/10 Very Stretchy!

Bounciness = 10/10 Sky high ten!!

Shatteriness = 10/10 Passed the hammer test!!!

Make shapes = 9/10 Melts a little too quickly.

Overall total = 39/40

Fabtastic!!!!! Give Jasmin a detention so we can all have another go!

Thats all for now x

Jasmin x

15th June

Dear Diary,
My Day has been more rubbish than a landfill! Sorry about that terrible saying, it sounded good until I re-read it. Susan and I have fallen out over a stupid yoga class. Me and yoga are a big NO NO!!! I don't bend and I am the opposite of flexible!!! However Yoga is difficult and full of completely ridiculous poses!!! For example we had to do three movements...

The Horse and Rider - Stand with legs far apart, back straight and move up and down!

The Big Cat - Go on hands and knees, then arch and relax back!

The Cobra - Lie on front and hold arms and legs up!

I hurt my back in the process of doing the Big Cat and Susan then had a go at me for over reacting! She can't talk with her precious painful jab arm, which appears perfectly fine until you remind her of the jabs...sheesh!

Anyway got to go x

Jasmin x

25th June

Haven't written in you for a while. Well, Moss has perished to the bottom of the fish tank, which I was quite upset about! And then when I went to go and bury him with my other dead fishy pets, I found Wendy, our next door neighbours cat, eating them!!! Great!!!!

To be truthful, it has been about 9 days since that happened, I am also very sad, because just as me and Susan made friends again, she has gone off on a fab trip to Disneyworld!!! But....she's not going to be having the best of times, as I discovered the weather forecast for Orlando Florida is going to be Thunder and Lightning all week!!! HAHAHA!!! Serves her right for leaving me behind, lol x

Anyway the best thing ever has happened!!! My dream come true!!!!!! He is gorgeous, he is called "Finlay and is a 16hh palomino Irish Hunter!!! I am paying £25 a week to have him on a Sunday and Friday, that includes an hour private lesson, the chance to groom and take him on hacks as well!!! He is basically all mine on those two days!!! I think it's going to be great!!! Also it'll help get me out the house and get some excercise!!!

Now before I go I feel kind of guilty that I haven't written in here for so reason is, because I got a virus which has kept me off school for a whole week!!! Love you virus!!!! Everyone has been accusing me of skiving, because Susan wasn't in, obviously that wasn't true. Apart from that I have no other excuses so the main reason I haven't written in here is out of pure laziness, haha!!!

Anyway got to go x

Jasmin x

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Hope you enjoyed part 1, I should complete part 2 pretty quickly, I hope you're enjoying the diary entries up to now :) Jasmins life gets a little more interesting as the diaries go along, so sit tight and the good stuff will come :D

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