The Day My Dog Beat Me In A Video Game

February 28, 2012
By Lucas Burton BRONZE, Monticello, Illinois
Lucas Burton BRONZE, Monticello, Illinois
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“How do you do that!?” I marveled. He just barked at me, that's all he does when we're playing.

Somehow, I don't think anyone knows how, he started playing the Xbox with me in the middle of the game and – wait, you don't know how this started do you? Let me fill you in.

Okay, I was playing my Xbox in my room at about lunch time when Sam, he's my dog, walked in. While he's walking, he accidentally started playing the game by stepping on the controller. Then he jumped around because I forgot to take him for a walk and kept on landing on the controller and (surprisingly) is beating me at the game! Are you filled in now? Good.

Here is where we started, with me saying, “How do you do that!?” I guess Sam had gotten something like tape or gum on his paw or something because his paw wouldn't come off of the controller. So he started licking and dragging the controller which is stuck to his paw and was moving the joystick and pushing the buttons and triggers like crazy!

We both ended up in a tie, with my character having hardly any health and his having a ton, so I started another game. This time he got whatever it was off and I thought, “Yes!” Then he sat down by the controller and wagged his tail back and forth and it moved his character so quickly, I couldn't even touch him! Soon he started getting more and more points, more than a box of broken glass! I was in shock! I was trying as hard as I could to beat him, but it just wasn't cutting it, the most I got was just a few points.

All in all, he beat the virtual snot out of my character! As you can guess, I was humiliated and impressed at the same time. That was the time that I was beat by my dog in a video game. Now, we play all of the time together.

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