Confessions of a mad high school student: An Introduction

February 25, 2012
By MysteryWriterOfLife BRONZE, Prenton, Other
MysteryWriterOfLife BRONZE, Prenton, Other
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13th April 2011

Hello!!! Wow, my first ever diary I am officially commiting myself to....first of all I need to decide on what to call you....I am thinking.....Tilly....Mandy....Margaret.....Tully....Stuff it!!! You're called here is to my first entry, cheers!!!

So yeah, I'll just start as I'm going to continue....

Dear Diary,
I have now officially become the most pathetic girl in my class, I mean who makes a facebook page for their fish?! And yes I know what you're thinking....and yes I know I do need to go and get a life, but I suppose it could be worse. For example being Ms Ying my Chinese teacher, for starters she can't speak English, everyone hates her (Me included, but only because she tried to get me put on report) and she has a pair of failing chicken fillets (the things people use to make their breasts look bigger), hers are always poking out of her top "snigger"!!!
Anyway I am Jasmin Fallangher-Hannan. I'm in 8S (at the moment), having to put up with the most pompous form tutor in the world to deal with every morning. I am planning what to do with my school tie tomorrow, as it is going to be the last day I will ever have to wear it!!! YAY!!! Wish I could say the same for my uniform. The plan at the moment is to make a small camp fire, sticking a wooden pole in the middle and to watch the sad green strip of material attached to be burnt with all the evil spirits within! Actually I'll doubt my mum will agree...anyway you probably want to know a little bit more about me.
I love horse riding and love drawing. Actually it might be worth quickly mentioning some of my family.

My family

Mum-Susan (The hulk, she really needs to not over react and get so angry all the time)
Dad-Christopher (Crystal, he occasionally enjoys dressing up as a women...not sure why)
Grandparents- Mina and Harvey (Or as I prefer to call them "The Depressive twosome", do I really need to explain why I call them that?)

Obviously I have another Grandma, Aunties and Uncles etc etc....but really can't be bothered talking about them.
I have a dog called "Maisie" and two fish called "Bubble" and "Squeak".

Now as you have probably guessed living with my mother who seems to have annger management issues, the depressive twosome and a half dad half transvestite isn't bad enough, my school is worse! As I said before I am in 8S and the pompous form teacher (and maths teacher, sadly) I mentioned is Mr Wright. Everyone in my form practically pray to his apparent handsome qualities, which I still seem to be unable to find! In other words I hate him!!!
All my teachers seem to be either incredibly annoying, stupid or just downright strange!

My teachers

Miss Beak (PE and head of year 9)-The suck up, she treats us all like dirt unless you're with your parents.
Miss While (RE teacher)-The pathetic Catholic RE teacher, she's like someone saying they are vegetarian while eating BBQ chicken wings!
Mrs Jones (IT teacher)-Two words for you "Horrible Cow"!!! She puts our whole class on detention when we've done nothing wrong!
Miss Zielinski (German and French)-The strange, slightly mad, but cute one. I only say shes cute, because she is kind of clueless to the outside world. And the only response she usually gets from any of her classes is "Awwww!!!".
Miss Cornet (English) the most boring teacher ever!!!
Mr Maher (DT teacher)-He is like Dr Jekyll and Mr minute he is praising you the next he is scolding you.
Mrs Shell (History)- Shout....thats all that women does!!!
Mr Brockett (Maths Student Teacher)-Pure evil!!! Why must he teach us, he's worse than Mr Wright!!!!
Mr Bradbury (English Film Studies)-Me and my friend like to scare him.
Mr Lucey (Maths substitute....who then got offered a job in our school)-We like to call him Brucey Lucey, Lucey Brucey....etc etc....because we found out his name was Bruce!!!
Miss Cronshaw (English Grammar)-Just add marshmallow between the two words used to describe Mrs Jones!
Mrs Hottle (Drama)- No fun Drama teacher...
Mr Rodenburg (Science)- He has stars in his eyes...he hopes one day he'll be a world wide known astronomer....mad man!!!
Mr Kolter (Music and Deputy head)- Only normal teacher I have I think, haha

So yeah, they're all kind of weird....If I was you stay as far away from them as possible!!!
My best friend is called Susan (the same name as my mum, lol!).

That's all for now, night!!!

Jasmin x

* * * * * * * * * * *

I hope the introduction didn't bore you too much, this is only so you can learn about the character Jasmin and I felt it would be better being sectioned off from the rest of her diary story, Thanks for reading!!!

Love y'all

Mystery x

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