Cami's Secret

February 28, 2012
By Lizzie Rupkey BRONZE, Monticello, Illinois
Lizzie Rupkey BRONZE, Monticello, Illinois
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“I'll be fine mom,” assured Cami, “trust me!” Cami Lopez was a prepared, determined 13 year-old girl. Being an only child, her parents were especially strict. The only sport Cami could go out for was cross country which, in her parent's mind, was, “a nonviolent, safe way to get a good exercise.” Her love for running may be the reason Cami was so determined to run on her own. Finally!

“Well,” thought Cami's mother, “I guess if you have your cell phone and PROMISE to stay off the road, you can go.”

“YES! Thanks mom!” burst Cami, hopping out the door.

It was a particularly steamy evening when Cami laced up her tennis shoes on the front porch. The wind had a cool feel to it and the birds were chirping merrily. All laced up and ready to go, Cami started with a light jog down the sidewalk.

Cami Lopez's hometown, Mapleville, wasn't the safest place. There was the occasional robbery but nothing too serious. Thankfully, Mapleville had expert police and detectives, for all robbers and bad guys were locked tight in the Mapleville county jail. All except one.

Cami, now a half-mile away from her house, was basking in the sun as she ran down the sidewalk. She has never felt as much freedom as this.

Suddenly, thrust from her reverie, Cami heard the slow, “crunch, crunch,” of gravel behind her. Slowly, ever so slowly, Cami peered behind her shoulder. And there a few yards back was a banged up old van creeping up behind her. Cami, being the one who panics over spiders, has to think fast.

“Should I stop? Turn around? Run faster?” thought Cami as she realized that the suspicious car was gaining up on her.

Then, cut off from her thoughts, a flash of black hit her like a ton of bricks and tackled her to the ground. Cami tried to let out a scream but the figure was on her, forcing her back to the ground. It was then that Cami noticed it was a large man wearing all black that was attacking her. Putting two-and-two together, she also suspected that he had came from the van.

Struggling to free her hands from the man's grasp, Cami notice that all she could see were his eyes, terrifying and evil. The idea hit her and Cami summoned all her might, tore one hand loose, and jabbed the man in the eye! Her attacker let out a thunderous shout and Cami sprang to her feet. Unfortunately, the man had recovered faster then she had thought and was charging at Cami once again.

Suddenly, all those self-defense lessons in P.E. came flooding back and she knew what she had to do. Bending her fingers with her palm still showing, she smashed the man's nose and sent him flying backwards from the impact of his charge.

Cami's attacker lay still on the ground as she approached. With one look she knew he was dead, for his nose was badly broken and she knew the bone went into his brain, killing him instantly.

Without another glance, Cami flipped open her phone, thankfully not broken, and dialed 911. She explained what had happened, where she was, and hung up. Cami then shut her phone and continued jogging down the sidewalk back home leaving 28-year-old Bob Smith dead in the street.

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