Good Gone Bad

February 28, 2012
By Anonymous

I love the warmth about Houston. I never worry about rain or hail, and especially not snow. I laugh at all those people that sit in their houses in winter shivering. I get to sit on a chair next to the pool, drinking piña coladas and getting an incredible tan. I’m an only child. My best friend lives next door.

On a July morning when it was still awesome, my entire life changed. I was happily walking up the stairs to my room which has a nice view to the city and blue green walls with a carpet that is as yellow as the sun and I was going to play some sweet, sweet PS3. I’m level 30 on call of duty black ops (yeah my friends are jealous). But as I walked up to my room, my mom (a.k.a Molly moocher) calls to me “Doug we have some great news for you.” Really! I thought life can’t get better than it is now I can’t wait to hear the news. I go down to her to hear the wonderful news. Maybe they came out with a PS4. Maybe they got me another puppy. (My dog stev-o is getting old.) “We got a call from the adoption agency.” Oh no, I think this means I'm not in the spot light anymore I hope my parents still pay attention to me. “We were picked to be the mom and dad (he is called Destructive Dave) of a lovely new little girl!” No!!! This is bad this is so flip floppin bad.

5 years later- my sister is a pain in my thingamajig. Now that she can talk and walk she won’t stop talking and follows me. Once she even followed me into the bathroom (not pretty). I really hope that never happens again. I now officially do not like glitter or babies. My sister is named Sarah and she loves to pretend I'm a baby and she’s my mommy. When I refuse she cries and my parents yell at me. She makes me do tea parties and brush her teeth so that she can bite me. I have one tooth mark on my hand and I think it’s permanent. Sometimes I want to just hit her but I can’t because she’s my sister and my parents don’t listen to my story anymore. My parents forget about me except when I'm in trouble. If my sister is there then she cries her heart out and my parents blame me. Now I would rather be with you in a cold home without my sister there. Only my parents and I sitting in a nice cold home.

Finally after she bit me for the umpteenth time and peed on my pillow I had enough. I decided to take all the things that I need and run away. I thought that since I am almost 16 I’ll be able to fool people into hiring me and I will be able to pay for myself. I will buy an apartment and live on my own. My parents won’t care they will probably notice after they stopped yelling after a while. By then I will have my own apartment and I will be able to feed myself. I might even to be 20. Then I stop myself, what if I don’t get a job what if the turn me down. Oh well, I think, I’ll handle it when I get there. I jump out the window and onto the still broken roof that has holes shingles torn off and its turned white because of all the birds pooping on it. Using my ninja level five skills from ninja wars I fall into a bush. (Luckily it wasn’t a thorn bush.) I run down the street and hop over a few fences. I’m home free. My parents didn’t see me so they can’t try to get me back right away. Looks like I’m going to the place that everyone eats, McDonalds. It will be sad looking at fat people eat all day but it probably pays the most considering their business.

I walk up to the door résumé in hand. I walk up to the manager and ask for a job. After an eternity of looking at my résumé he hands it back and looks at me for an eternity. “You got the job,” he said. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, I am so happy right now. No more worrying about a job and I can live by myself. “But,” He says then stops. Oh no the big but this could be good or bad, my wealth or waste. “You don’t get to cook right away considering you didn’t pass high school and you didn’t have your parent’s signature. You’ll be doing little things right now but that will grow as you work here more.” Good I thought that I would have to do a lot of other things before I got the job.
“You can start by cleaning the toilets.” He says. What! I read his name tag it read hello my name is Tommy Gilmore. “Uh Tommy I thought that you said that they were little things.” I say confused. “Yeah” he replies “that and cleaning are all the things no one wants to do. But when you clean you just have to put water on it. We keep the dirt on so that we save water and give the customers more flavor.” Gross I think of all the times I ate McDonalds and thought that the crumbs on the dishes were designs. “Ok do I have to actually touch the toilet?” I ask worried about the answer. “No there is a brush that you use to wipe the cleaner.” Relieved, I walk to the supply closet and get the supplies.
As I'm cleaning the toilets I hear someone come in. he walks into the stall next to me and I hear it happen. First I hear a zip, then the seat go down and his belt shaking. Then I almost throw up as I hear a gross noise. I hear “uuuuuuhhhhhhh that feels good” and it sounds like someone did a raspberry.

After I get past that part. I'm doing pretty well and after three weeks I'm already flipping burgers. I get to see then dip their fries in deep fat flavoring and put all of the chemicals in the shakes and smoothies. I swear I will never eat here again. Oh well its better than living with my sister. I bet my sister is crying because she can't dress me up. As I work on I get to switch from cooking to being a cashier. With the money I saved I got an apartment and I am able to buy food for myself.

When I thought all was good, I past a note on a pole. I take a closer and it has a picture of me on it and there was a $1,000 reward. I see that my parents finally noticed me gone. But then I see that it was posted 5 years ago. I am astonished this is awesome my parents actually noticed I was gone right away. Probably only because my sister was crying. I'm annoyed about this. Mainly because they are hiring other people to find me and I'm only worth $1,000. Couldn’t they have a higher reward, I mean we aren’t poor. Out of rage I rip off the post and walk to my apartment, steamed.

The next day, I see a police officer come into McDonalds when I'm at the cash register. At first I think nothing of it. Then I remember the sign. As he’s placing an order I'm shaking and I'm freaking out. The police officer doesn’t even glance at me all he does is look at the menu naming foods. I'm getting lucky so far he hasn’t even glanced at me. But my luck finally ran out he looked down and asked if the Angus Third Pounder is good. His first look is astonishment then it’s serious. The words creep out of his mouth. “Aren’t you the kid from the sign, the one that’s worth $1,000?”

The next thing I know he grabs me on the waste and yanks me over the counter. He puts hands behind my back and handcuffs me. I was so surprised by his speed for someone eating at McDonalds. He shoves me in the squad car and takes off. He pulls up in front of my old house and brings me to the front door. As he opens it I hope that my parents aren’t there so that I can still live alone. No such luck. It seems like the officer called my parents and told them I was coming home. They greeted me with open arms but I didn’t open my arms back.

They went through the whole we were so worried thing and asked why I ran away. My answer may not have been nice but I meant it. I said “I ran away because of it” I pointed to my sister playing with dolls in the living room. “She keeps you from paying attention to me and she always cries when I don’t want to play something with her. I hear her whine constantly and I was sick of it so I ran away so that she could so whatever she wants and I did to.” Then they put on their sympathetic faces (emphasis on the pathetic part). They said something that changed my mind though. “You were and are at an age that we needed to give some tough love but, as soon as she grows to your age then we won’t care for her as much and we will focus on both of you equally.” Then I had a devious thought. When they stop focusing on her she will be defenseless and I will be able to have revenge on her for all the years she made me have to deal with her. This will be a fun life. I smile like an insane man. Then I go into the living room to meet my sister. “Hello” I say. To a life that what you do will effect you later.

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