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March 1, 2012
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It was my first day at Lilfond High School. In California I was one of the most popular girls at Monderford High School. What would I be here? I went to first hour science with Mrs. Wilhound. My brown hair was in a ponytail and swished from side to side. As I walked my blue eyes were very bright. I walked in just as the bell rang. “Everybody, this is Katie. Say hello to our new student! Katie, can you tell us why you’re here?”
“My dad switched jobs.”
“LOSER!” Coughed a boy from the middle row.
“Shut up punk!” I shouted back.
“Um, that’s enough. Please sit down now, Katie.” I sat down next to a girl with black hair and brown eyes and glasses. I cooled down.
“Take a chill pill Geeze.” she said then moved to another desk. Great, nobody wants to sit by me. What a bad first impression. Finally, the bell rung. I got up and CRASH onto the floor! I got up and wipe and my hands off on my jeans. Oh great, my shoe laces are tied together. Now I know nobody likes me.
“How was school today?” My dad asked as he set down spaghetti on the dinner table. “Good,” I said in a sarcastic voice.
“Honey, did you have a bad day?” Carey, my dads girlfriend asked.

“No it was um, fine.”
“That’s good.” My dad looked confused.
“Its time for bed.”
“Good night!” he exclaimed.
“Good night, ” I said as I tromped up the stairs.

I walked down the hall on Monday then I saw him. He had brown hair with green eyes. I drooled until I was pushed over and all my books flung everywhere. “Uggh!” I groaned as I bent over to pick up my scattered books. Where I reached to grab my science book and I saw it get picked up for me. I looked up, and there he was!
“Hi, I’m Jeff.”
“I’m Katie,” I barely mumbled as I looked into his eyes as green as emeralds and hair the color of Hershey’s dark chocolate. “Sorry, I have to go” I awkwardly squawked.
“See ya around,” he said with a wink.
“Jeff,” I whispered to myself in social studies. I hadn’t seen him before in any of my other classes. Rats, I thought. Was he into me? I don’t know, but if I can get him, maybe I’ll be more popular. He looked pretty popular. I wish I was popular. The bell rung and I raced down the hall trying to spot him. When I finally did, I ran up to him. “Call me!” I slipped him my number and ran. I’ve had never done that before. In California guys usually asked me out!
Next was math; I sat next to a girl with shiny golden blond hair.
“Hi!” she squealed.
“Hi?” I wondered why she was talking to me.
“I’m Ali!” She remarked.
“I’m Katie!”
“Oh I know who you are! You’re the only one who’s asked out Jeff!” she exclaimed “Really?” I asked.
“Yes! Every girl is too afraid he’ll turn them down but you’re brave!” she said. “Sit by me at lunch. I want you to meet some of my friends!”
“Ok?” Did I finally get a friend and a little bit of popularity?
I walked down the hall on my way to lunch when I felt a mysterious tap on my shoulder. I turn around and saw those familiar sparkly green eyes.
“I was thinking about that date.” His words slipped out of his mouth as smoothly and sweet as honey. “How about the movies Saturday night?” he suggested. My heart leaps as the adrenaline rose.
“Sure!” I shouted a little too loudly.
“Ok bye.” I said as I walked down the hall too flabbergasted to talk to my new friends.

“I’m home!” I shout as I walk through the back door. Cheese and pepperoni fill my nostrils. I glance at the table to see the pizza, steaming as if it were the sun on a hot day. I take a piece and finish it in less than a minute.
“How was school?” My dad asked.
“Yeah was it nice, dear?” said Carey.
“Good!” I called through a mouthful of pizza.
“Good I was starting to worry about you,” my dad called.
The next couple of days I was hanging out with the popular group and Jeff and I were dating now. It couldn’t get better.

“So!” I said to Ali while sitting at lunch. “Look at her dress!” I smirked and laughed. “It’s so ugly!”
Ali whimpered seemed annoyed. I wondered why she would be?
“And how about___.”
“Katie! Look at yourself! You’re being mean to innocent people!”
“What?” I shouted. Why would she say that? “I was just giving my opinion!”
“Well, your opinions are mean! I don’t want to hang out with you if your gonna be mean to people!” As she said that I felt like I was gonna cry.
“Well, maybe you should have a little fun sometimes!”
“Go have fun by yourself!” she shouted angrily at me, grabbing her bag. Why would she just walk off like that! I thought she was my friend! I felt a tear trickle down my cheek. I ran off to the bathroom and locked myself in a stall. I wiped away the tears. I felt so sad and alone. I needed Jeff.
After lunch, Jeff came up to me with an uncertain look on his face.
“Um, Katie?” he asked in a nervous voice.
“Well, you’ve been really mean lately and, uh, I don’t want to date you anymore.” My heart felt as if it broke in half.
“What? Why?” I gasped as I felt my face starting to turn pink. I was gonna cry.
“Don’t, I just don’t want to date a mean girl. I’m nice, everybody is nice, except you, and nobody likes a mean person.” Then he left. I ran back to the bathroom and cried. I’m not talking about tears down your face then done crying. I’m talking bawling my eyes out crying. I felt like nobody was there for me. My dad, Jeff, and Ali, there was nobody.

I got up the next day hoping nobody would notice my fight with Jeff and Ali, or they wouldn’t remember at all. But I knew that wouldn’t happen. It was hopeless I was miserable from my careless waste of friends. I didn’t even care about popularity any more. Now all I cared about was fitting in. Jeff and Ali didn’t forget. First I had LOSER spray painted on my locker. Second, when coffee came pouring down all over my face as I opened it. Then I heard laughing from one of Jeff friends. I looked over and saw them everyone laughing except for Jeff. He was turned to the side with a sad look on his face. I gathered my things and walked away wiping the coffee drips off of my cheeks.
Id learned something that day. Treat others how you want to be treated and “coffee face” is not a pleasant nickname. I decided that to reconcile with Jeff and Ali.
“What do you want?” he responded as if he were trying not to be noticed with me.
“I’m sorry I was mean. I didn’t know what it felt like. I was foolish and wrong. I wish I hadn’t been. Please forgive me?” I pleaded.
“How do I know you’ve really changed?”
“Jeff, would I be saying this if I hadn’t changed?”
“Okay I’ll give you one last chance. How about Saturday night at the movies?”
“Yes!” I shouted.
“I heard you got back together with Jeff.”
“Yeah . . . “I dragged on.
“So. . . If you have truly changed then I guess we can be friends again too.”
“Oh my god thank you! I will never be mean again!” I squealed. I looked at her and we hugged. This felt like the happiest moment of my life!

The next day was even better. I went on my date with Jeff. It was amazing!

“So?” Jeff laughed and smiled.
“I’m happy, thank you for forgiving me!”
“Your welcome.” He replied his dreamy eyes taking over me. Then, our lips started to lean closer but not close enough.
“Hey, I’m still here!” Ali said. We stopped and stared at her. We all laughed and continued watching our movie. I was living my life as I had always wanted it to be. To have awesome friends, relationships, and I wasn’t the loser or the mean girl. I was me, and I liked it.

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