The Birth of Awesome Guy

March 1, 2012
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It was summer in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, almost noon. Shane Tuellman was making lunch
“WHAT?!” Shane questioned.
“Oh,” his mom replied sadly. “I thought you’d be excited.” Shane was the exact opposite of excited.

Shane Tuellman is an average sized kid with short, dark blonde hair. His usual clothes included regular jeans and a regular shirt. He also wore black Reeboks. His skin was average pale color.
He moved to New York almost a week ago. His first impression of it was that it was scary. There were ghettos everywhere. He felt in danger everywhere he went for a while. The town that he lived in was huge, way bigger than Milwaukee. But there were a lot of abandoned buildings, and he liked to explore inside them.
He has a thinking disorder called ADHD, and he hates it. When he started going to school there in first grade, everyone made fun of him for being so hyper. One time, in second grade, he got really hyper, and everyone called him a freak and threw rocks at him. Most of the bullying didn’t stop until fifth grade. Yes, it went on for five years. Now he had to start all over in New York.
It was the beginning of seventh grade for him now. Luckily, a few kids accepted him right from the start. A couple of their names were Dominic (Dom for short), and Sky (Shane had a really big crush on her). The rest that accepted him, he didn’t know yet.

Dom was about 5’ 5”. He was pretty muscular. His hair was short and natural black. He dressed the same basic style as Shane. His eyes were ash gray color, and he had one ear pierced with a diamond stud. His skin was white and he had blue Nike shoes.

Sky had tannish skin. Her hair was straight and light orange with blonde streaks. She usually wore tight skirts or skinny jeans. Her eyes were a very light green color. Her shoes were those really high hightops that come up to your knees, or purple and black Osiris’s. And she always wore bright red lipstick.

The main reason why Dom and Sky accepted Shane was because they had (in the words of all the bullies at that school) “Brain Problems” too. Dom had ADD and Sky had dyslexia.
It was two weeks into the school year. Shane, Dom and Sky were walking down the halls. There was this bully named Jim coming their way. He was big and strong (and stupid). “Coming through!” Jim yelled with a malicious smile. Shane was imagining beating him up, which he had done on more than one occasion. They stopped walking. Jim got to them. “Get out of the way, freak!” he yelled as he pushed Sky to the ground. She looked like a ragdoll to Shane, the way Jim tossed her around.

“Why you gotta be so mean?” Shane questioned Jim .
“What are you gonna do about it?” Jim asked back.
“I’ll tell a teacher,” Shane responded. Jim laughed and pushed Shane down too. Now he felt like the ragdoll. He got up quickly, knowing in his mind that it would probably be safer to stay on the ground.
“Oh my god. I’m shaking. Shane’s gonna tell on me.”
“Or maybe…” Shane paused. Seconds later, Shane’s fist launched like a bullet at Jim’s wide open face. It connected and Jim’s head whipped back like a catapult. Blood dripped from his nose. Shane saw Jim’s fist lift up and pull back, ready to shoot forward. He quickly ducked out of the way. Missing Shane disoriented Jim for a second, just long enough for Shane to swing his other fist straight forward at Jim’s chest. He connected again, launching Jim down the hall. It looked like he was flying, until he hit the ground. He helped Sky off the ground. He could feel everyone in the hallway’s eyes on him. It felt like the eyes were digging into his skin. After a moment of staring, they all started cheering. Shane didn’t know it, but everyone hated Jim. He was a jerk to all of them. Shane didn’t get caught, because none of the kids told on him. Sky walked up to Shane and kissed him. “Thank you,” she whispered softly into his ear.

All the rest of the year, no one picked on Shane. He was actually kind of popular. Dom was still his friend, so he got popular, and of course, Shane was now going out with Sky, so she got popular too.

Shane thought he would get made fun of a lot. He had no idea that the ADHD would actually make him popular. This was the beginning of a brand new amazing year, and it was the birth of awesome guy.

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