#3 The Jealous Type

February 24, 2012
Yeah, I like him. But that’s not good enough. He is mine, but she was his. I can’t believe I’m back in this place. Last year I swore if anyone tried to sabotage my perfect fling again, then it would be over. He and I would not get past it and that would be it. I think she has his heart, and once he realizes how perfect they are together, this fling will be flung. The embarrassment of knowing you helped a guy into his ex-girlfriend’s arms is devastating. I mean he can’t just break up with me for her, it has to be something else.
The way I chew my gum, the way her hair smells, the things that they have shared. I mean let’s be honest, after sharing your first kiss together you’re already picking out your bridesmaid’s dresses. I wish I could take that day away from both of them, maybe then things would be different. She must have him rapped around her petite little finger. If you don’t like him, don’t you dare lead him on. Breaking his heart once was surely enough. I’m probably overreacting though, I am the jealous type. But when the jealously becomes consuming when is it okay to just let go?
Maybe I’ve always wanted to be wanted. And maybe she just wanted it a little more, but no matter how much she tries to overbear him, I think he will always come back to me. I think . . .

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