February 24, 2012
By CheeseFace BRONZE, Bluffton, Indiana
CheeseFace BRONZE, Bluffton, Indiana
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The moon shines bright in the sky, beckoning me to cheer up, but its luminescence offers no comfort. I gaze at the dark monster swaying before me. Its waves clawing up the sandy shore where my bare feet stand. The cold, dead talons almost grab my toes, but I make sure to keep a safe distance. That thing isn’t touching me.
A breeze gently whips my hair across my cheek, triggering memories.
Precious memories.
Memories of her.
I reach up and touch the side of my face where she used to give me kisses before bed. I can barely remember the feeling of her reassuring lips.
The kiss I feel now is merely a ghost of what once was.
The thought of never being able to have that soothing sensation again fills me with emptiness, and my heart aches as it drowns in sadness. A tear drizzles down the side of my cheek; I move my hand to let it flow to the edge of my face. I feel the tear drop to the ground and into the ocean.
I continue to cry, letting all my salty teardrops land into the blackened abyss, knowing she’s receiving every one of them.
She belongs to the sea now.

Mom belongs to the sea.

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