February 23, 2012
Megan, Mel, and I are standing at Sam's locker. They're waiting for her; I for you. Today's the day. I'll say something. Anything. Well, anything that doesn't make me feel stupid. That basically leaves me with nothing. Except, maybe, “Hey, you got the time?” But even that's iffy.

Megan and Mel talk about... something. I'm really not paying attention. They only get 40%. The other 60% is dedicated to you. So, I stand there, nodding at the appropriate moments, and of course, staring down the hall. Searching. For your beautiful face. Your gorgeous hair. One of your many colorful hats.

But there's too many students in the hall. Too many people to see through. I turn around and decide to talk to with Megan and Mel until the crowd thins out.

Minutes. Questions. Answers. Decisions. Gossip.

Then, Sam brakes between us, takes out her headphones, and opens her locker. I spin around and look back down the hall. Usually you and Sam get here around the same time.

I scan the tops of heads all the way down the hall. Then, I see it. The bright red hat. The words “Washington Capitals” are on the front, along with their logo.

That means it's you.

And it is. I see the face that haunts my dreams: the bit-too-big nose, the tip of it still red from the crisp January air; the dark mysterious eyes, still so tired; the perfect lips, parting to let a laugh escape and reveal those perfect teeth...

For a moment, I can't move. My breath gets stuck in my chest and my heart leaps to my throat. Faces around you become a blur. You're all I see. Strutting down the hallway towards your locker. The one right next to me.

'Breathe,' I tell myself, 'breathe. Nerves are the enemy. This isn't a big deal.'

But it is. A very big deal. This could make or brake my chances of getting to know you. Becoming your friend. And eventually, becoming more than friends. This one little moment has a lot riding on it.

But, I'm getting ahead of myself. First, I have to say something. Introduce myself and seem interesting enough to continue talking to.

You're almost here. Now I can hear your laugh over all of the other laughs in the hall. Your response to your brother. “Bro, that's gay.” Then you laugh again. And my heart melts, again.

One more breath and you're here. Opening your locker. One more breath. You put your backpack on the hook. Last breath. You pick up your books and set your hat on the top shelf.

It's now or never. So I turn around, smile, tap your shoulder, and say, “Hi.”

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