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February 20, 2012
By RTB5574 BRONZE, Waukesha, Wisconsin
RTB5574 BRONZE, Waukesha, Wisconsin
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Hi, I’m Matt a thirty one year old MMA fighter. I chose the style of Muay Thai and Brazilian Jui Jitsu, and I wrestled for six years of my life. I officially fight for the NFCA (National Fighting Championship Association.) I am the current holder of the middle weight championship and have held it for 2 years; they call me Matt “Steel Shins” or “Apex Predator” Davis the Undisputed champion.

Let’s go back to what got me started in all of this. As a kid I was tall and skinny going into seventh grade I was 6’1” and was still growing. I was bullied daily by all the kids who were bigger, also known as the bad boys at the school. My dad who was a big wrestler back in the day told me I should go out for wrestling at the school; so I thought why not. The wrestling season started in November, November 15th to be exact, and I was pumped for this opportunity.

Near the end of October I started to work out and get ready, my dad bought me some supplements to get strong quick, such as creatine, protein, and jack (a supplement that gets you aware and jacked up.) I could notice the difference I was gaining quick, my dad told me now is the best time to lift because I have a lot of testosterone flowing through my body, it’s almost like steroids. I was also a lot stronger than I looked I was lifting as much as kids who started before me in no time. By the wrestling started I was benching 195 and squatting 405.

The wrestling coach knew me due to my dad, and he hoped that I was just as good I bet. The first day was mainly attendance and then conditioning. I was in great shape due to my dad training me. The conditioning we did was NOTHING compared to what my dad put me through, and the coach was amazed. I was the only kid in the seventh grade he saw do 12 one handed pull ups reverse grip and do 100 pushups like it was eating candy. Deciding that this was easy I just pushed myself harder in the weight room. Conditioning went on for about a week then we started wrestling.

We took height and weight that day, I was 6’3” and 175 lbs, and I could choose to wrestle at 185 or 165 o choose 185 that way I don’t have to starve myself. The first day of physical contact my coach put me against an 8h grader…that is 2 time state champion, he was about my size (a little shorter.) so we started to wrestle I didn’t know much but I faired up well, I guess it was just in my genes. He pinned me twice and I pinned him once it took him a long time to get me down though and I knew right there I was destined to take after my father at wrestling.

The next week we had a duel meet at willow head middle school, I had to wrestle a eighth grader who placed in state four times, but I was calm and ready I had been waiting all week for this. I had to wrestle last, and there were 20 matches, so I had to sit there a long time and I took some jack 20 minutes before my match to get pumped. My match was in 5 minutes, time to warm up.

My match was about to start and I was ready, but I don’t think he was; he looked scared. The ref asked us if we were ready I said yes he did too and he blew his whistle and the match started. We locked up at first, and then he shot for a fireman’s carry, I reversed it by rolling him into a cradle, we sat there for 20 seconds and then finally I heard the pat of the mat and I had pinned him in 40 seconds. I shook his hand and then walked to my coach he shook my hand and said “saved the best for last.”

I wrestled for my seventh grade year, took second in state and won 25 1st place medals. I stopped because I started taking a Brazilian Jui Jitsu class at a local dojo. I was sort of like wrestling but joint locks and chokes, and I knew I would love it. I gained five medals in the first month, I knew I was good.

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i likes sports and mma

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