A Look into the Life of Camilla Kensington

February 20, 2012
Thursday, October 29th
I will never truly understand why everyone thinks new students are so hot. Take Tyler for example, he was new last year and everyone kept talking about how hot he was when he wasn’t even that good looking. He was just ok or average, and it’s not like he has any star attributes that would make him seem cuter or anything. That’s just how it is with new students. If you’re not that great looking then you get bumped up to decent, if you’re ok looking them you get bumped up to cute, if your cute then you get pushed to hot, and if your hot well then your are mega hot.

Apparently we got a new student today named Caleb, and from what I’ve heard he is mega hot. But since it’s his first day his status will most likely change to hot or cute in a little while. I guess I’ll just have to wait to see him myself. After French I say goodbye to Audrey and start my perilous journey to physics. When I get there I see him and wow, the rumors are not false but indeed true, this boy is actually mega hot. He has short dark brown hair, gorgeous blue eyes, a perfect smile, and a nice tan. Oh and he is tall too so that’s a bonus. To bad he may be nice to look at but he is most likely a jerk that thinks he is amazing. Looks like it’s just another one to add to the massive amounts already out there.

There is already a huge group of giggling girls surrounding him, watching him like a cheetah getting ready to hunt down its prey. Not surprisingly one of the girls surrounding him is my frenemy Ariana Hanson. Ariana and I go way back, we have been competitive rivals in both school and sports. We have gone to school together since kindergarten and we have been on the same softball teams since we were 4 when made the same tee ball team. I would get and A on a test and she would get an A+ and vice versa. We were both in all the highest classes and we were always on the best softball teams. Our biggest academic challenge to date is going to be happening in the winter when we take the ACTs. I’m not really sure why we always compete; we just always have for as long as I can remember.

The bell rings to signal the start of class so I get my stuff out, ready to learn. As Mrs. Barsley rambles on I can’t help but get distracted. As I’m planning out the rest of my day in my head I remember that I have softball practice from 5 to 7. Great it’s smack in the middle of the night so I can’t do anything with my friends. I guess I’ll go home after school and start my homework, go to softball, then come home and finish what’s left of my homework.

Friday, October 30th
I’m so glad that today is a Friday. After practice and a Spanish project last night I don’t think I would be able to handle any other day but a glorious Friday. Tomorrow night is Halloween and my best friend Hannah is being forced to take her little brother out trick-or-treating. I figured I might as well tag along. Sure it’s not as good as Allison Danvey’s annual Halloween party, but I wasn’t going to let my best friend since pre-k suffer all alone. I wonder what I should dress up as, or maybe I shouldn’t dress up. Hmm, I’m not sure I’ll just ask Hannah. Maybe we could wear the same clothes and go as twins again, people loved that last year and it’s easy enough to do.

Saturday, October 31st

Hannah and I looked as much like twins as possible; we both had curly/wavy long brown hair, black leggings, grey sweatshirts, and warm fuzzy boots. As we start trick-or-treating with her little brother Austin all my memories of Halloweens past with Hannah came flooding back. One year we went as ketchup and mustard, another year pink ladies from Grease, we even went as Harry Potter characters too.

That was one long night of, “Aren’t you a little old for trick-or-treating?” Whatever, it was totally worth it because now I have enough candy to feed china for a whole year! We dropped Austin of at Hannah’s house and now she is coming over to sleep at mine. I’m so pumped for our scary movie marathon!

Monday, November 2nd

Everyone is talking about Allison’s party, what happened, who did what and so on. According to the rumor mill Ariana and Caleb made out at the party. Whatever, if that’s who he wants, then he’ll just have to find out who she really is. Since he’s most likely a jerk, he shouldn’t really mind her personality.

‘He so cute why does she get him’ keeps running through my head until I remind myself that they deserve each other. Oh darn that tutoring program I volunteered for starts tonight. I just need to remember that it will look good on my college applications. If I keep reminding myself of that, I should be able to survive teaching annoying people math for an hour every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. I just hope I don’t get stuck with a jerk, an annoying person, a creeper, or someone stuck up. Hmmm, I think my standards will end up disappointing me, oh well a girl can always hope.

When I get to the main office I find Mr. Wellington with the list of who we were matched up with. My eyes scroll down the list and I find my name and across from my name is the person I will be tutoring for the rest of the year. The name directly across from mine is Caleb. It looks as if my standards really are going to disappoint me. Time to go to the library and get to work.

When I open the doors of the library I find Caleb sitting at a table waiting for me. Luckily he doesn’t see me at first so he didn’t notice how I embarrassingly stood there for a second taking in the sharp angle of his jaw and how cute he looks in that grey shirt. I remind myself that this is business and that he made out with Ariana, that’ll keep me in line.

“Hey, I guess you’re my tutor, my name is Caleb.”

“Hi my names Camilla. So you need help in math?”

“Yeah, it’s not my best subject.” He says with a smile.

“Well then you’re in luck it happens to be my best subject.”

We went over pre-calculus for the whole hour and I was totally wrong about Caleb. He is really nice and funny. Now I can’t wait for Wednesday to get here! The only problem is that he likes Ariana and she likes him. Of course he would like her; she’s the picture of pretty with light blond hair, green eyes, the perfect facial proportions, and flawless white teeth. I’ve always been average looking with plain old brown hair and brown eyes, and I’m ok with that because I’m smart, good at sports, and have friends, so I’ve always had things going for me. But when I’m next to Ariana there is no way a guy will chose me over her.

Wednesday, November 18th

Nothing has really happened in my life lately. Just the normal schedule consisting of school, practice, hanging with friends, and tutoring the cutest guy in school. Tutoring has been good but nothing has come of it, Ariana and Caleb are dating now.

After English I head over to the library where Caleb and Ariana are talking and she is practically hanging on him, seriously, she needs to stop being so clingy and needy. It looks desperate. When I get to the table Ariana pops up and says she needs to go and kisses Caleb goodbye. I look away; I hate those awkward situations like that.

“So how’s your day been?” Caleb asks to fill the looming silence.

“It’s been good and went by pretty fast? How about you?”

“Same, I can’t wait for the weekend though. There’s going to be a party at Jason’s you should come.”

Did he just ask me to a party? “Oh I’m already going with some people, I guess I’ll see you there.”

“Yeah for sure.”

“Okay we should get started.” I say.

When I get home I call Hannah right away and tell her what happened. She thinks that he likes me, but I assure her that that is impossible seeing as how he is still dating Ariana. Hannah thinks that he’s getting fed up with her and bored. I tell her that I don’t agree with her, but secretly inside I hope she’s right. He’s so nice and cute and funny, anyone would be crazy not to like him. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see how their relationship plays out.

Saturday, November 21st

The party at Jason’s house is huge; there are cars and people everywhere. Music is blasting so loud that I can barely hear Hannah and Lina when then they say they are going to the kitchen. Right after they leave Caleb comes up to me and asks me to go outside and talk with him. When we get outside Caleb tells me. “I broke up with Ariana.”

“Okay?” I reply confused.

“I wanted to let you know before I tell you something. I really like you Camilla, you’re cute, make me laugh, and nice. You’re an amazing person, and I just wanted to let you know that.”

“Thanks, you’re a good person too.” Oh my god did that really just come out of my mouth? What kind of a loser says that?

“Will you go on a date with me tomorrow?”

I hesitate before I answer thinking about how it would make Ariana despise me even more, but then I remember who she is and that she clearly messed it up for herself. “Yes” I reply.

Monday, November 23rd

Our date went well; we went to dinner and then saw a movie. I was so nervous before the date and I kept freaking out, but that went away when he came to my door and said, “You look beautiful.”

Tuesday, June 7th

It’s the last day of school and Caleb and I are still going strong. Ariana has been angry and meaner at me since Caleb and I started dating but it was worth it, I got the guy and beat her by two points on the ACTs. My life is good right now.

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