The End

February 20, 2012
By Anonymous

For the first time in my life, I wanted to be alone. I used to be the star quarterback on the varsity football team, I had the most beautiful girl in school and my GPA was a 4.0. It couldn’t get any better than this. But apparently, it could get drastically worse. Thursday, November 23, ruined my dream life. I had a typical checkup at the doctor. I was in 4th hour, my teacher telling us story about his best friend dying way to young, and how we never know what will happen. I thought I was going to fall asleep. But yet I dreaded leaving school with my 15 year old sister dragging behind me. I kissed my girlfriend goodbye, and walked out the huge glass doors to the school. The cold November whipped my face, making the walk to the car feel longer then it was in reality. My mom was waiting patiently in the parking lot for us to make our way out. “Ready to go?” she said. Simultaneously my sister and I both answer “no” making it clear we were not thrilled about this. “Oh, it will be fine!” my mom replied in the most enthusiastic way she could.

The large brick building came too soon, my mom parked and I slowly got out of the car brushing my feet against the cement with every step I took. The ceilings were high, the walls were white and the stench of rubbing alcohol filled the air. I walked to the elevator and pushed 3. The small metal doors opened revealing a waiting room. Toys were scattered across the floor, circus animals covered the walls, and the glowing fish tank sat in the corner. I wondered why my mom still took me to this place, I’m 17, and I deserved to be treated like an adult, right? I threw myself down on a chair, and waited. !5 minutes later my name was announced by a short old lady who came out of a door in the far left corner of the room. I made my way back, slowly, making sure she knew I wasn’t happy about being here. My temperature, weight and height were all taken, and then I was sent to room 115. She politely told me “the doctor will be right with you” I mustered up the best fake smile I could and she closed the door behind her. I looked around, wondering what al the tools were used for, and making guesses on which ones she would use on me. There were two soft knocks on the door, and in came the doctor. She sat down on her stool and immediately started asking questions, and checking to make sure everything was okay. She walked me into the back room to take my blood. I always hated this part; I had to sit there quietly while they poked a needle into my arm. It was over faster then it took to even get ready for it, she put a small blue bandage over the wound, and I walked out of the office back to my mom so I could finally go home. The sun was slowly falling into the horizon, giving the sky a fiery red color. I took my seat in the car and started my drive home. My sister was sitting in the backseat, complaining as usual. I shot her a look telling her: to shut up, but she just rolled her eyes.

I got home and immediately went to the kitchen to find food for dinner, so I could start laboring my homework I have been putting off for a while. . I went up to my room, sandwich, chips and soda in hand, and began. I fell asleep, pen in hand, and my book to my left, my alarm arose me at 5:45. I rolled out of bed and got ready for school. Just another day I thought to myself.

4th hour chemistry was my least favorite class; I’m never going to need these skills in the future, so why learn them? My teacher’s phone rang, and I continued to answer questions about molecules and atoms. My teacher called my name to the front of the class, and I was told to go to the office right away, my mom was here to pick me up. I gathered my stuff and walked down to the office, and I saw my mom standing there with a worried look on her face. She looked and me and started crying, I though something was wrong, something happened to someone in my family. She didn’t tell me there, she walked me out to the car and at that point, I knew something wasn’t okay. She looked me in the eyes and said “Honey, you blood test came back from yesterday, and you have cancer.” I didn’t believe her, I shook my head now, and how could I have cancer? Im healthy, I always have been, I don’t feel sick. A tear rolled down my face. She hugged me tight and said, im sorry, but they are positive about this. Fear overcame me. It was one of those moments where you never thought it would happen to you, you hear about it all the time, but never would you expect it. We drove to the doctor, silently but both of us knowing, we were trying to hide our pain.

That day the doctor told me the most devastating words I heard in my life. I had one month to live. That’s when I realized, my teacher was right, live your life to the fullest, you never know when it will end.

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