Half of This World

February 20, 2012
By ellen5678 BRONZE, Waukesha, Wisconsin
ellen5678 BRONZE, Waukesha, Wisconsin
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We make up half of this world and are the reason why more life comes to this earth. The other half of the world may consider us unintelligent or even useless, but without us they wouldn’t be here. We are always being underestimated because of the bias and discrimination that the society brings.
“They have small brains.”
“They can never go as far in life as us.”
“All they are here for is to make us a sandwich.”
Yet, no matter how hard we try to diminish these stereotypical thoughts, they don’t seem to go away. Even if one of us becomes president or discovers the cure for cancer, the other foolish half of society will still try to be dominant.

It seems as if the power in the world is warped.
When we are around four years old, our lives are carefree.
We believe we are the boss of everyone, telling everyone what to do.
“No I don’t want to do that.”
“No you can’t do that.”
“I’ll tell you what to do.”

When we are in our adolescent years, you can never fully understand us. One day we believe we do not have a place in this world and do not belong anywhere, but the next day we are in high spirits. Usually all of our miserable times are because of boys.
During our high school years, most of our time is spent “getting ready” for boys. Scorching and burning our hair with the flat iron, wanting our hair to be as thin as a sheet of paper. Then spending the next hours digging through our drawers, clothes flying all over, looking for something to wear, but never being satisfied. Never believing we can look like those “models” in the magazines. We cautiously put on our makeup, always putting on more than we need. During these years, boys may mistreat or disrespect us and we just let it happen.
“No matter what I do, why can’t I be perfect?”
“I wish I was as pretty as her.”
“I wish the captain of the football team liked me.”

When we are married with a family, maybe around 30 years old, this is when we don’t care as much of how we look, but how we will live our life. We now have goals and dreams we want to accomplish in our career, but the other foolish half of the world will always be trying to put us down.
“Why would they pick that guy instead of me for the job?”
“Why can’t I just succeed?”
“I don’t care how I look now that I have kids.”

As the years go on, we look back on the memories and laugh at the times that we cried over boys that put us down and the times that we never thought we could go as far in life as the other foolish half of society because…
We have “smaller brains”, could “never be as smart” as them and all we can do is “make a sandwich”.

When we become little old ladies, we begin to not care what comes out of our mouths. We don’t care if we mouth off to our husbands or say what’s really on our old, stubborn minds. This is when we don’t let the other foolish half of society get to our heads.
By the end of our lives when our wisdom has reached its apex, we realize we have so much more power than we think we do. We are smart and worth something, because we are able to bring other lives to this world, while the other half of the world can’t, and doing this lets the warped process repeat all over again.

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