She Is

February 22, 2012
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She hates it
The way she carries herself
Around him
Why him?
A million others in the word
And he’s the one
She acts like a fool around
Yes, a fool is right
A hand hands over her heart
Her feet find food to feed her feelings
As you like it then
Let’s move on
Just keep on walking
Like you don’t give a s***
She gives more
To get less
She wants more
From everybody else
From everybody else
She wants all
She can’t take it
A word you’re not familiar with
She is, but she still
Wants more, wants most
A hopeful
A romantic
She is very dramatic
Not comely
Not worthy
She’s just so friendly
But why?
The world for her
Is a stage
And she’s the best actress
But once the spot light
Shines on her
She freezes
But her heart melts through
She is a wonderland
Alice wasn’t invited
But he was
He saw her waterfall
He heard the beautiful song
She only sings
For her journal
For her pillow
For her ceiling
Her story begins with tears
But ends with laughter
She has always wished
For a happily ever after
She applied to get her heart
She tried to say words she hadn’t
But she won’t admit that she lost
The game
She strayed from herself but she’s still
The same
She still won’t be able to tell
When the sun rises or sets
But she will find a way
To always get herself upset
She thinks it’s a competition
But no one’s winning
They’re both loosing
She never listens
Then later she’ll ask why he’s
This time he won’t come back
If she cares, if she dares
To love
She is…… me.

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