Love Never Ends

February 27, 2012
By xlittlexAlicex SILVER, Wakonda, South Dakota
xlittlexAlicex SILVER, Wakonda, South Dakota
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Why hasn't he come through the doors? Is he running late? Or is he not coming to school today? But if Bobby wasn't gonna be here he would have told me.

My name is Luna and I am a junior in high school. Bobby is my boyfriend and he is in the same class.

“Hey, are you alright Moon?” It was my best friend, Willow. She always gets worried about me. Before I had Bobby I had a major case of depression, but I keep telling her that I'm fine.

“Yeah, I'm just worried. He is usually here by now.”

“it will be fine. I'm sure Bobby will be here by first period.” She gives me a reassuring look.

“Well I hope your right, Spider.” I hug her just as the warning bell rings, and we head to our lockers together.

In our first period English class it was really noisy. Mr. Smith never cares about what we do as long as we hand in our homework.

“Alright, students, I hope you have your reports done. Luna, would you like to go first?”

“Yes, sir. I'm as ready as I'll ever be.” I go up to the stand in front of the class. “I did my report about Romeo and Juliet...” I stopped there because our secretary said that I had a phone call.

I walk slowly up to the phone and look at Willow as I pass her.


“Hi, is this Luna Withrow?”

“Yes it is. Who is this?” I could feel the eyes of my classmates staring at me.

“My name is Dr. Sarah Murrey. I am calling on behalf of your boyfriend Bobby Mitchel.”

That made my eyes widen. “Well is he alright?”

“I'm afraid not. On his way to school this morning he was in a car crash. He might not make it through the night...”

After that I didn't hear anything else she had said. Everything was just a blur. A single tear fell down my face. I just couldn't think, didn't no what to do. So I dropped the phone and fell on my knees to the floor.

“Nooo!” I lost all control that I had. Next thing I Knew Willow was by my side trying to ask me whats wrong. I looked at her and stopped crying, “I gotta go.” I grabbed my books and run straight to my car. My heart is yearning to see him before he takes his last breath.

At the hospital, it is full of sadness. His parents are right in front of his door. I guess they knew I would come. “Is he alright? Can I see him?”

“He has been waiting for you.” His father opens the door for me. His mother is in tears.

The look of him brought me to shock. Bobby is beaten up pretty good. “There's my beautiful girl.” His voice is very hoarse. I started to cry again. “Awww, please don't cry.”

“I can't help it. I never like seeing you get hurt.”

“I will be fine...”

The look on my face apparently made him stop talking. “No you won't! They are telling me you might not make it!”

“Come here, please babe.” I walk slowly over to him, carefully grab his hand, and sit on the chair beside his bed. I look at the monitor that shows that he is still breathing, then look back at him. “No matter what happens, just remember that I will always have you. And you will always have me in that pretty little heart of yours.”

Bobby's breathes were becoming shorter and lighter. My eyes were tearing up again.

“Just remember that I always love you.”

“I love you so much. You always have my heart.” Tears started streaming down my face. I wouldn't be able to stop them this time.

“Forever and always.” Just then his eyes closed and the line on the monitor went flat. He was gone.

Doctors rushed in and it started getting crowded in the room. I had to leave, there was no way I could stay in that room.

I walked out of the hospital in silence. There were so many emotions running through my head. Anger...sadness...fear. Those emotions were taking over my entire body.

I drive home slowly and carefully. Trying to not think about anything but the road. Bobby kept appearing into my mind though. The first time I saw him; our first kiss; our first dance at prom; every single moment we spent together. A car honked behind me and I was then out of my daze. I realize I'm going 20 mph under the speed limit. The rest of the ride home I don't think about anything else.

When I got home my mom told me that Willow called a few times. I just ignored her and went straight to my room. I was in too much pain to really be doing anything, so I just sat in my room and looked out the window. My sister, Rebecca, came in and told me that dinner was ready. I said that I didn't want to eat.

“I heard what happened to Bobby. Are you okay?” Rebecca has sympathy in her eyes.

“No, Becca, I'm not okay.”

“Well you need to eat. Maybe that will help you relax a little.”

“I'm not hungry! And I do not need to relax. Just leave me alone Becca!” She walked out without another word.

The weekend went by really slow. I sat in my room the entire time, not leaving once. Willow called a few more times and so did Mrs. Mitchel, but I didn't answer my phone to any of the calls I had. My family tried getting me to leave the house. Nothing worked on me.

I'm driving to school as slow as possible. I really don't care if I'm late. I look like crap, but who cares what I look like, right? No body else in this world loves me as much as I love Bobby. I have nothing else to live for. No reason for existing. I should do whats right and be with the love of my life...forever. I grabbed the switch blade that Bobby gave me and walked into the school.

I came into the hallway as soon as first period ended. Now the halls are crowding with people. Rebecca and Willow see me, soon everyone stops and stares at me. They see that I have the blade.

“Bobby is not here anymore. I no longer have somebody to love...” There is no expression on my face, just pain.

“Moon, are you okay? Why do you have that knife?” I could hear worry in Willow's voice.

“It's okay, Spider. After today I will be with him forever.”

“Luna, your not thinking clearly. You didn't answer your phone this weekend, did you? Bobby is alive. The doctors saved him.” That was Rebecca.

“I don't believe you. You just feel sorry and want to try and stop me. Well its too late for that.” I raised the blade above my head with both hands.

“Luna!” Rebecca and Willow screamed. It was too late. I struck the switchblade in my stomach and pulled it back out.

“Nooo!” I know that voice. It made me turn around. There he is. Brown eyes and black hair. Bobby Mitchel.

He ran over to me as soon as I collapsed. Tears were running down his face.

“I'm sorry...” I whispered.

“You have nothing to be sorry about.” He brushed strands of hair away from my face.

I looked at him in the eyes and whispered, “I love you.”

“You will always have my heart.” Bobby grabbed the knife from my hands and stabbed himself in the stomach, too. He fell right next to me. He looked at me and whispered, “I love you.”

Our eyes closed at the same time. The last thing I heard was the noise of sirens, coming to save us. Then, everything faded out.

A month past and it is my first day back at school since the “incident.” Its about lunch time at my school, so I walked through the big doors that lead to the lunch room. Then, I see him. I see Bobby sitting at our usual table with our friends. Everyone sees me before he does, but then he realizes what everyone is looking at.

He stands up and looks at me for another second. Then, we run to each other and I jump into his arms. I never want to let go of him.

Finally, we look at each other and he says, “No matter what, I love you.”

“I love you, too.

After that we were inseparable. As happy as could be.

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