The Case Of The Gun Shop Owner

February 27, 2012
By Anonymous

-Cole Johnson. L.A. detective in 1951

April 5th 1951

Murder case

Cole Johnson is on the scene on the busy streets of L.A. People are swarming to the gunshot victim laying on the sidewalk. Cole is trying to move through crowds flashing his badge so he can get through to the scene. Deputies are pushing back on the people that are nosy and trying to slip through, Cole on the other hand isn't the most polite on the job shouldering his way through crowds and yelling to step back. He isn't here to be liked he just wants to get to the bottom of the case. Cole and his partner Dean Richards are studying the body. It was a hot day out, almost 97 degrees. It didn't help Cole had on a nice thick black suit with a red tie. Cole with hands on his hips is starting to take charge on the case, telling people what to do and getting people to find some evidence. He was always demanding, but his co workers knew he appreciated their work. He just didn't show much emotion on a case. No one could never truly understand him or understand why he was so cold on a case.

“Alright. What do we have hear?” Cole was asking with almost a sigh like he's done this before.

Which he's done this more than he cares to mention. LA Isn't always the kindest to it's residents in this town. A deputy stepped in from behind Cole with the information.

“Caucasian male, around 30 maybe, he was a gun store owner around this block”.

“Do we have any leads then?” Said Cole standing up in a straight posture.

Suddenly Cole with his sharp eyes spotted something under the suspect. He kicked the victims torso with his standard black shoes. A bullet casing slid out under the victims chest. It was a 9mm Pistol round. A bit of blood splattered on his black shoe. He didn't care much about clothes. He would chase a crook through the sewers in his Sunday best. Cole leaned down and grabbed the bullet with some tweezers so he wouldn't contaminate the evidence. He looked at it curiously inspecting every detail of the small bullet.

“Dean Get over here!”

“What type of bullet is it?” Said Dean

“Nine millimeter, we know the killer was sloppy. Didn't even take the casing. Definitely not a pro.”

“ Your right if he was pro this scene wouldn't be so sloppy.”

Cole noticed something. On the bullet it was a logo of a different gun shop. “Al's gun store”

Cole stood up straight with the bullet case. He wasn't very tall, in fact he was fairly normal in height but he had that demeanor of power and leadership in him.

“Dean, get this to forensics and get some finger prints on it.”

Dean was grabbing a cigarette out of his blue jacket about to light he stops himself and asks if Cole wants one.

“Cole, want one?”

“No. I don't want any of those things.”

Dean shrugged lit his cigarette and shrugged his shoulders and left to take the bullet to get analyzed.

Cole stayed behind he wanted to walk around the building and maybe find some clues. Cole was walking through the alley of the building he took his fedora off for a minute to cool down. You could see his thick dark brown hair that was almost black in a sense. It was slicked back with a bump in the front. Cole still liked to look at least presentable sometimes. Cole's walk was a little slow. He always seemed to walk slow that's where his trained eye came in, his philosophy was walk slow and you don't miss anything. Mulling over the evidence he thought that maybe it was a rival situation. Maybe this “Al” guy's business was hurting because of the victims other gun store. Cutting on Al's profits maybe. So he got rid of him. Cole stopped dead in his tracks he saw a strange man in the corner of the alley. It was Al. It just had to be him. They both made eye contact. The man pulled a pistol and opened fire. Cole pulled his gun and hit the wall under cover the man ran off. He didn't have time to speak. The situation happened to fast. Cole was off running forgetting about is black fedora laying on the ground next to him. The suspect was running jumping over garbage cans. You never thought Cole could move very well but he was agile as agile can be. He leaped over garbage cans vaulting over pipes and rolling around obstacles. Finally the suspect was at a dead end. Scared he shot wildly at Cole through smog coming out the vents until his clip ran out. Cole ran out and tackled the perpetrator to the ground. The guy was squirming but Cole gave em a good right and put him to sleep. Cole stood up wiping dust off his suit. The deputies came behind and snagged the guy.

“Cole! You should have waited for backup on this one!”

“backup? Wasn't much of a problem to me.”

“you could have been killed!”

“God didn't want me to die on this one pal.”

Cole smiled slicked his hair back gave some last orders of the day.

Later on at the office he found out in fact that it was Al and it was to knock off the competition. Al was convicted life for murder. Back at the office Cole was relaxing on his reading some files when Dean came in.

“So how did ya come to the conclusion that it was Al who shot the gun store owner?” Asked Dean.

“It was really obvious. The bullet used was Al's gun store. That was part of the tip off, but the fact that he was gone for the day and closed the store. I had connections who knew him and said he never closed the store he was always open till 8:00. Which means he was off doing what he was doing.”
“When did you find all this out?”

“About a day ago. I didn't exactly know it was Al in the alleyway that day. But I had a hunch. We booked him and I got down to the details and found out.”

“Son of a gun Cole. You really are persistent.”

“Never miss the details my friend.”

After the conversation The commissioner came in with news.

“Cole! Dean! Get on over to the docks. We have a drug problem needing to be dealt with.”

Cole and Dean put on their jackets, and hats and headed out the door. Cole with a slight limp from the other day tackling the suspect he grabbed his favorite type of root beer and took a drink before hopping in the cop car. Cole is always ready to head to the next case, but always had a pit in his stomach not knowing what lies ahead.

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