February 22, 2012
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They just don’t understand. Babies are a lot of work. When they told me we were getting a baby I thought it would be like my dolls. Quiet when I want it to be and giggly most of the time. I am the youngest and I would have liked to keep it that way. But my mommy and step dad had to buy baby. I kind of wonder what store they got it from.

So the baby was finally here. And I had to say it was really cute, but also weird and scary. It always cries at night and it smiles in its sleep. Why is it so big? It is way longer than any of my baby dolls. It even has more sounds and it moves way more than mine do. I feel like a little lost puppy trying to find his mommy. It’s always getting my attention. I remember how I used to get anything I wanted and that’s the way I’d like it to be. No “baby” or what ever it is going to take that away from me.

It’s been about a jillion days since this baby got here and it always smells icky. It throws up on stuff. It learned a new trick. It makes it’s diaper disappear. That’s nasty! It takes it off and then it’s a big Hide-and-seek game. It crawls around and we have to look everywhere to find it. We learned to never let it explore the house alone.

One day that baby decided to explore. On the way taking its tour, it decided to lighten up its load and it took its diaper off! And I guess it wasn’t done. So we acted like Scooby-doo and followed its clues. As I was looking for the baby, I went into my room and I saw my brand new Gameboy with a big pile of its clue on it.

I freaked out, because that Gameboy was my favorite and I just got it like 5 days ago! And now it’s ruined! I felt like tissue box in a class of sick kids and all the tissues gone! I felt like a part of my heart was chopped up. Like our turkey a couple days ago. I wanted to find that baby. And give it a good time out. I think a time out for a week was good enough punishment.

We found it! It was under its baby bed playing with its favorite toy. I wanted to put it in its crib and never let it out of my sight. Dad just picked it up and put it in the crib for 5 minutes. And he went to clean up the mess. After he finished, he got it and started to play with it again. It really didn’t feel my pain or how it feels to be that little tissue box without tissues. That was my brand new toy. My favorite toy! The best one in the world. I might as well get used to the new baby, because mommy said there is no returns. They just don’t understand.

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