February 26, 2012
By Nooneknowsme BRONZE, Ambathenna, Other
Nooneknowsme BRONZE, Ambathenna, Other
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I looked up to the sky where the sun was shining as much as possible so that my eyes were blinking.The large garden in which I is standing was so beautiful.A long river is beside it.
I don`t know how I came here and to say the truth I don`t know if I should feel happy or sad.With great difficulties I try to think about my past memories and come to the conclusion that I can`t remember anything.....but wait!There is something.I can remember it!
I can remember what happened:
It was a Friday, the 13th of December. It was a very special day for me because it was my mothers birthday.
As my father died when I was two years old and I`m the only child of my mom all my love is given to her only.She is the most important person for me and as it was her birthday I was very busy in preparing a surprise for her.
I hugged her and gave to her my self-made birthday cake already in the morning of that day.
Finally, as a surprise, I decided to take her to the `Cherro Restaurant` for dinner. It is near to our house so that we could go there by walking.
Unluckily, it started to rain in the evening and it became worse in the night when my mother and I left the house.
As it was December, which means winter, it started to snow. Both of us were wearing thick jackets, gloves and boots so that the freezing coldness could not reach our body.But the most important thing which made me feel warm and safe was my hand enclosed by my mother`s.
There was only one road to be crossed to reach the `Cherro Restaurant`. So my mother and I took the first step on the road and at that moment itself I realized it was a wrong step. Do you know why?
As soon as we stepped to the road a black color car as fast and noisy as a thunder was swifting a curve and turning towards me violently.
This happened only in about five seconds. I did not know what to do and I was unable to move. Suddenly, I felt a pain in the left side of my body and I also couldn`t feel the earth underneath my feet. I was thrown meters and meters away from the place I stood and separated unwillingly from my beloved mother.
What after this incident happened is not sure but the thing that I will never be able to return to mom is more than sure because the place where I`m standing now is the heaven.

The author's comments:
Careless driving costs loads of love and life.

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