A Cavort With Words

January 27, 2012
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“Really? Losing your train of thought again? How incredibly irresponsible.”
“At least I have all my marbles.”
“Tch. Who was it that let the cat get his tongue?”
“And who let the frog in her throat?”
“Hmph. At least I know that two lefts don’t make a right.”
“It does too!”
“Does not. Two lefts make a wrong, cant you see?”
“Ugh. I’m as blind as a bat, you know that.”
“Ha! As if I’m any better. I cant see jack.”
“But does Jack want to see you, I wonder?”
“Coming from the guy who ignored Rhyme and Reason for a month.”
“Hey! They told me I lost my Sanity. You would ignore them too if they said that to you.”
“Darling, you did lose your Sanity. We found it under the couch, remember?”
“Oh, yeah. We found your Spark of Insanity too.”
“Yep. I quite missed my Spark, it is so entertaining.”
“Heh, I remember you were so happy you actually danced with Joy.”
“He’s not bad at the foxtrot, if you really want to know.”
“Foxes don’t trot, they fox. Horses trot. People trot. Foxes don’t.”
“Oh, what do you know?”
“Enough to say live and let live. Truce?”
“Fine. But only because it would be rude to say live and let die, eh?”

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