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February 14, 2012
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* Two guys sitting on a park bench.
Guy 1: Howdy.

Guy 2: Hello.
1: I’m Big Jim. What’s your name?
2: Umm they call me Tiny.
1: Why’s that?
2: To give people the wrong impression.
1: So.. Where you from?
2: Vegas.
1: Yep, I’m from Canada.
2: I don’t really care.
1: What brings you hear.
2: Visiting the wife and kid.
1: Cool, I just got out.
2: Of what?
1: Con Core.
2: Sounds fun.
1: Yeah, I’m just on parole right now.
2: Ok. I gotta go.
*2 beginning to walk away but gets pulled back.

1: Hey, listen bud do you wanna get a drink.

2: Well you see I gotta go buy socks for the wifey.

1: What’s your wife’s name?

2: Dude, you’re a freak. Leave me alone.

1: So how about that coffee.

2: Ok but only if you leave me alone.

1: Alright. I know this great place that come with a free entry pass to the retirement home sponge bath.

2: Um…

1: It’s really great, you’ll never be that clean again.

2: Really now?

1: Yeah, they get into places that you can’t reach. Hey check you that hot chick!

2: That’s my daughter Lindsay!

1: Um… I don’t know really know what to say now.

2: There isn’t anything to say.

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