written condemnation

February 13, 2012
That day. I remember it like a picture on the front office wall of a children’s hospital, plain, and boring. The minutes turned to hours and the hours turned to days, but still, I was unsure of the setting, the people, and the conflict that had risen between them. The phone rang every second in that dark dreary room, but I didn't answer,I didn't have to, I knew who it was and what he wanted, but I wasn’t ready to give him that. The small pile of take out bags became mountains of waist, still I neglected the world. Then that one day it came to me, like a rainbow after a long drout, symbolizing truce between nature and man. A conclusion to my story, a light to my path. I quickly finished writing it down then sat back in the hollow darkeness, waiting for him to call again, and whan he did I was ready. “Sir” I said into the phone, “I’m ready for it to be published”.

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ski8tergirl said...
Feb. 27, 2012 at 6:41 pm
i worked really hard on this, i hope you all like. it brings me joy to change the world with my inner stories:) though it is quite a small world
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