January 21, 2012
By OblitusSomnia BRONZE, Milwaukie, Oregon
OblitusSomnia BRONZE, Milwaukie, Oregon
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The reason fairy tales are not real is not because they have Dragons in them. It is because in them people can slay the Dragons.

You are somebody I use to know. Sometimes I see him, in your face, in your eyes. A lonely sigh or secret smile or the way you laugh at her jokes, the way you use to laugh at mine.
It's in the way your hair fall across your face or in the shirts you wear – that person who use to be my friend. Now you're just somebody I use to know.
I remember the way we'd play imaginary games, or pretend to be characters from cartoons. You had to be Raven from teen titans even though you were my Robin. Or during Avatar you always picked water and gave me air.
I'd tell you about Pokemon and we'd laugh. Then you'd tell me about Heroes and we'd pretend to be characters from that. That was the old you.
Then you decided popularity was more important and abandoned everything and everyone who held you back. I was thrown away like yesterdays trash. A broken doll on the side of the free way that is your life. Tattered and crying, with an eye ripped off and an arm with stuffing falling out, the stitches torn and broken. I didn't notice until it was done and too late. Now you're only someone I use to know.
What happened to the days of "Best Friends Forever", of playing tag in the sun and pretending we had superpowers? What happened to the days we were always together through thick and thin? What happened to you? What happened?
Now you're just somebody I use to know.
An unremarkable face in the crowd, another name on the roster for classes we might share, a faceless nobody who use to have importance in my life, somebody I use to know.

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