My Dream of a Fallen Angel

February 6, 2012
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As he gently settled his feet into the sand and listened to the wind as it whistled through his halo, he felt the sadness in the air.So he searched for the producer of those feelings.He searched and searched until he saw the beauty from the distance.He noticed that she was crying melancholy tears that said to him,"failure,ugly,hate,pain,loneliness,shy,unhappy."These were the words of her life.So he went to her, talked to her,consoled her, loved her and she loved him back greatly.She trusted him with everything she had.The connection between them was strong as that of Romeo and Juliet,but to only find out that it will not last forever.

The day ended along with their friendship.She cried when he left,she almost died when he left.He told her before he vanished with the wind that they will meet again when the time is right,then he was gone.She had so much to live for a great life ahead of her,but she wasted it.As the days went by she laid there on her bed and did nothing til' she went MAD.She went into the bathroom with the phone in her hand called her mother and father,prayed,then called 911 to report a death at the beach.She took the razor from off her sink and took a notebook and a pencil.

She walked out of her house and tapped a note onto the door made her way to the beach behind her house.She took the blade out of the razor,started to run until she smelt the salty seawater.She put her feet in the cool water for the last time as she slide the blade across her skin.Sirens wailing,people yelling as her life slips away like the wind that whistles through his halo as they walked down the beach hands locked into one another.

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