February 3, 2012
By SPAZ-ATTACK SILVER, Claremont, California
SPAZ-ATTACK SILVER, Claremont, California
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This is my first entry in this journal, which I find to be a pretty stupid assignment Mr. Sherman. I know the topic is to be to be thankful, but even though I asked, you never elaborated on it. Thankful for WHAT? Is this supposed to be like on Thanksgiving? Or like when it's my turn to say Grace at night?
Be thankful for God?
The lack of the recession bubbling up from my family's cover of the supposed happy, unaffected by debt, American family we "are"?
Good god, speak up man! And what kind if answer is, "That all depends on you and your thoughts"?
Well, I guess I have no way to get around this...
First, I'm thankful for Charlie. Charles, you're lazy, unmotivated, careless, and you've never worked for anything ever in your entire life. And before you snap back that I'm not perfect either or you decide to go fall asleep while I'm reading, LISTEN TO ME.
You were the boy who stood up and shook my hand when I moved here when I was in first grade. Yes, I remember, though I doubt that you do too. You were the boy that intercepted me before I became part of Tiffany's group, the girls' who later turned into the stereotyped high school girls that we all fear. You saved me from that, because, and I don't care what your report card says, you were smart. You knew what way they were headed, and you were cool enough to come and get me out before I laid down with the dogs and got fleas. I thank you for protecting me like a big brother, teasing me like a rival, and then laughing at me to discourage me from doing something stupid. Thank you for actually working hard when you helped me find my glasses, my mom would've killed me otherwise, so it's thanks to you that I'm still on this side of the grass. Thank you for watching the clouds as we all played tag, traded secrets, and played imaginary. You thought me the real-life version of the Tortoise and the Hare.
Okay, now that I've given you a big head and about a life of knowing smirks, let me tell you one more thing: You're lazy and if you don't get your *ss up, you're going to turn all fat and ugly and I will be embarrassed to be seen with you. Get in shape, good god man! It doesn't have to be that hard!
Second, I want to thank all my friends that have came into my life and have morphed me into who I am now. I'd like to name all of you, but then I'd be here for about and other couple of hours, so how about I tell you that you're all awesome and I love ya' and leave that for your imaginations to get your own Charlie-sized egos, because I have only this pen and I can't erase what I said about Charlie.
Next person I want to thank is my mom. Mom, you've lived, worked, and raised me both in the form of a father and a mother since dad walked out on us. You're independent, you're strong, and you never took off your optimistic smile when things got tough. I love you, and you are my hero. Oh, and by the way, Charlie and everyone are going to go see the Hunger Games and I wanted to know if I can have 20 bucks to pay for my own ticket.
Next person to cross of my list is my math teacher, Mr. Jones, who believes in me and my dream to become an airplane pilot. You looked me in the eye and told me, "I can totally see you doing that. I hope to be teaching the next generation about you and Amelia Earhart someday."
Dear god, I feel corny. Thanks Mr. Sherman. I blame you.
Uh.... Oh what the... Tiffany. I'm going to thank you too. I know this might sound mean, but you showed me how I DON'T want to end up. So yeah, thanks for that. I guess.
Uh... Okay. I have got to go back and thank another close friend of mine. Alexis. Your Charlie's sister, and for that alone, I admire you and your ability to keep your sanity. You're the exact opposite of your brother. You are smart, an overachiever, weird, you don't call me names, and you're hyperactive, and now don't deny that last part. I saw you make that weird obstacle course. Down the slide, run and stand and swing until you were high enough where you jumped off at an almost dangerous height, then go kick a soccer-ball into a goal, and... okay, I can't remember the rest but the rest of that obstacle course was like Olympic-level. You can't sit still, I know, but I'm asking you to now. Lexus, if Charlie is my brother, then you're my sister. My unbiological sister that will only create half-baked schemes and then mess it up so bad... I love you Lex-Luthor, and I want you to know that because the rest of this is a mixture of compliment/insult because you're just as contradictory. You're a wild-card, weird, a know-it-all, obnoxious, a Joker, and a girl chock-full of nerdy-swagger and so much energy that no one can't keep up. Thank out for being Charlie's sister and being smart enough to skip a grade to catch up with us, because otherwise I never would have met you. Despite all that, I hate you for your A+ in PE because my highest grace I can ever get is a C.
Lol, just kidding, Lexi.
Mr. Sherman, you said about 2 pages right? Am I done? I am? Thank god, I was worried my brain was going to turn into marshmallow-corny-mush if I kept going on.

The author's comments:
Inspired by my real-life friends and my imaginary ones~ (Lol xD) THANKS YOU GUYS FOR PUTTING UP WITH ME, MY WEIRDNESS, AND MY NERDY-SWAGGER!!! Love yaaaaaaaa'~ ;D

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