February 3, 2012
By Dakota_Mayo PLATINUM, Torrington, Wyoming
Dakota_Mayo PLATINUM, Torrington, Wyoming
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Sometimes I find myself starring at the wall. Thinking. Thinking about memories. Memories of the past. And the future. Sometimes I ponder what to do next. I stutter to say something, but the words just wont come out. Sometimes I get nervous when I'm around you, so I don't say anything. Sometimes I cry. Cry on my bed with my face in my pillow. Sometimes my heart will melt. It's all because of you though. Even though you don't know it. Sometimes everything is like a forest. You could get lost easily. Then you're left with yourself in this dark, scary world. Sometimes I'm judged and not appreciated. But I just keep my head held high and don't worry about what other people think of me or of my thoughts and thinkings.Sometimes. Just sometimes. I like being left alone. But only sometimes.

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