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February 3, 2012
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There once was a sixteen year old girl named Ammy. Ammy had lost her parents three month ago in a plane crash. Now she lived with her cruel Aunt Marry. Aunt Marry made Ammy do hard work around the house. This was Ammy’s worst nightmare.

“Alone, abandon, lonely, why did they leave me?” Was all that went through Ammy’s head. She was in her small room everything was all in its place. Her room was like any other normal room sixteen year old room. After a while of thinking and crying she fell asleep. She woke up with the angry voice of her Aunt Marry “You little brat who do you think you are sleeping when there’s so many chores not done! GET UP! GET UP YOU BRAT!!” Ammy jump up and said “I’m sorry Aunt Marry I was just taking a nap. Ill do the chores right away”. And then left the room running and went outside.

Whenn, she got outside she found her friend Mark. Mark was twhoears older than Ammy but a good looking young man “Well, well did Ammy get in trouble again?” she smiled “Be quiet it s not funny”. “I never said it was funny” answered Mark. Ammy was sitting in a wooden bench in the park looking in the sky. But, then she began to weep “Why did they go on that stupid plane? Why didn’t they just stay home?” Mark went over and took AMyto his arms and said “Its ok it wasn’t there fault they didn’t know what was going too happened”. Then he told her “Why don’t you run away with me? I have a cousin that lives in Chicago and you can go over there and start a new life, start over?” Ammy looked up at him and said “What? Are you NUTS!!!!!?” “No, I am not nuts I was just asking if you wanted to go so you can start over run away from your Aunt Marry”.” I don’t know if I should go” responded Ammy. “Think about it you have three days, and go home its getting late”. Mark kissed AMy the forehead and left her in the park all alone.

Whenn Ammy walked in her aunts house her Aunt Marry grabbed her hand tightly she felt like it could just come of and yelled “Now you crossed the line you little brat! Whenre were you? You think that you can runaway and come back anytime you want. Well guess what YOU CANT SO GO TO YOUR ROOM!!!! Ammy full of tears went to her room and got her phone and called Mark and when he answered she said “Ill go to Chicago with you”. “Ok then, ill picks you up on Friday at midnight”. Then she looked at her calendar two days till Friday. That night she started to pack ready to go. Before she went to bed she made a list of things she will need for the trip. And went to sleep with the list in her hands.

The next day she woke up extra early to finish her chores. Whenn she finished she went to her first stop the bank to get the money her parents left her in case anything happened to them. After, that she went to the store to buy new clothes and the rest of the things in her list. Whenn she got home she hid the money under her bed and finished packing for the trip. She knew tomorrow will be the day she would leave her home and star a new life. That night she remembered her parents saying to her to always follow her hart and never give up and then she slept soundly.

Friday had finally came she knew this would be the last day in Springfield. The little town she grew up with and also was her worst nightmare began. She went that day to her parents graved. The grave had neatly cut grass and was full of colorful flowers. Whenn she went to put the flowers in a base she saw a photo of her and her parents all three of them were wearing animal hats. She took the picture on her hands and said “Thanks mom and dad I love you both”. Whenn she got home it was seven “Well I still got time” Ammy thought. Then she decided to talk to her Aunt Marry. Aunt Marry was sitting in the kitchen table drinking coffee and looking at pictures Ammy has never seen. “Aunt Marry can I talk to you please?” “What do you want to talk about?” Aunts Marry said in a soft voice witch seemed odd to Ammy. “Thank you for taking care of me and for not sending me to an orphanage”. Aunt Marry got up from the kitchen table and gave Ammy a big hug. “Your welcome, and if you want to go to Chicago with Mark to start a new life that fine?” Ammy pulled away from her aunt hug and said “You know ?! How ?” “ Mark came over while you were gone . He also told me about your plan and how I had been treating you so badly. I’m sorry, will you forgive me?” Ammy burst into tears and nodded and gave her aunt a hug “I love you so much and thank you so much for taking care of me”.

That night Mark came at ten when he got there and told Ammy “Ready come on we need to get to the airport” “Ready just give me a minute to say good bye to Aunt Marry”. Ammy turned to her Aunt Marry and said “I guess this is good bye. I love you Aunt Marry.” “No, this is not good bye this is see you later”. Aunt Marry gave her a kiss. As Ammy and Mark got in the car Aunt Marry said “Remember to come visit me once and a while”, Ammy smiled and closed the door. Whenn they got to the airport Ammy was glad that she was going to start new life with Mark. The trip was long, but when they got to Chicago Ammy said “New life, fresh start ,finally!!!”

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