Window Screens

February 3, 2012
The first time I learned how to take the window screen out of a window was when I was ten years old. I was at a friend’s house and we had just locked her two brothers outside. Nether of her parents were home so I pulled the window screen on a second story window. It was dusty and stiff and it took all my ten-year strength to pull it out. The two of us then filled a bucket of ice water and haled it over to the screen less window.

“Sam, James! Come over here.” She called to her brothers. They starred up at us. Then my friend and I poured the bucket of water out the window. It drenched Sam and James and the screamed up at us.

The second time I pulled out a window screen was with the same friend and I pulled out the same window screen, but this time instead of pouring water out of it, well climbed out of the window with a home made rope.

One end was tied to a bedpost and the other end barely touched the ground. The rough fabric burned my hands as I climbed down. None of us got hurt when we climbed out of that second story window, but I did have rug burns on my hands for a few days after.

The last time I pulled out a window screen was at my dad’s house. We were fighting and I was crying and I was yelling that I wanted to go to my mom’s house. We were fighting about school. My dad said no and told me to go my room. I pulled out the screen to my window and this one wasn’t as dusty and in my fourteen-year old hands it came out easily. This time when I climbed out the window I was on the first floor so I didn’t have to use a rope. I then walked the seven miles to my mom’s house.

I probably have more memories about window screens that anyone else. That was the last time I have taken out a window screen and hopefully my last.

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