Forbidden Lures

February 8, 2012
By MoralDilemmas BRONZE, Warrenton, Virginia
MoralDilemmas BRONZE, Warrenton, Virginia
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Religion has given people hope in a world that is torn apart because of religion.-Jon Stewart

Beauty without intelligence,is like a masterpiece, painted upon a napkin.

The night sky enveloped the scenery in a blanket of black that was almost as dark as the soul in my own being. The tiniest sliver of the moon frowned upon me whispering in my ears, “Death is nothing more than an unknown beginning with a new pair of eyes.” A troubling sensation festered in my heart. Was this the moonshine playing tricks on my mind; or was this a message warning me of my nearing future?

The door creaked as I stepped into my own house where my wife, daughter, and reside as we lead out our insignificant lives until the day God awards us with the permission to escape the boundaries of this world no one ever asked to live in. I felt remorse engross my thoughts as I planned the night that would lead me down to the path I so severely desired to follow. My dear wife, don’t think this is your fault; I love you consummately. My fingers desire to run through your velvety blond hair as my needing lips caress every crease and crevice of your body as your soul pours out its inner beauty which illuminates life with the only happiness I have yet to discover.

Madness is an evil thing. It inundates your mind with beliefs you never imagined were possible to envision. One’s mind won’t let them succumb to sanity and the only way to rid of the demons that crawl inside of your soul is to chase them away temporarily with the wicked drink of the devil. For years I let myself deny the fact that madness existed in my being. Those were the days in which I thought reasons have yet to be found on the explanation on life. The realization dawned upon me tonight after a hardy helping of powerful liquid.

There is no reason for which I belong on earth. If I was to die today, the world would keep revolving, the birds would keep singing, the beggars would remain in poverty, while the wealthy indulged themselves in greed. Me, I will not miss but a single thing: my wife and daughter. But one day, I shall meet them again in a place where hearts don’t have to beat to embrace love. The life I have lived has all been in vanity and tonight will be my grand finale.

My wife looked so serene in her blissful slumber with her lips slightly curled in a smile and her hair angelically lying around her flawless face. My heart grew sick with the knowledge of the impending event that was about to begin. I gave her the gentlest kiss I thought possible as I whispered a hushed sentiment into her forgiving ears.

The walls of the cellar were damp with a musty smell that nearly made me gag. The noose was centered directly before the window. Choking down tears, I placed the noose around my once pure and strong neck; making sure the letter was secured in my left chemise pocket. The letter was short but vital, “My dearest darling, don’t think I did this out of malevolence, I did this for us. Follow me into this new world we can discover. Leave your darkest days and worries behind you. Take out daughter Elizabeth with you; we can be reunited once more.” My eyes closed as I savored my last few breaths of earth’s air. The brilliant light was shining down the path where the man was leading me; a brief moment more-

“Father, what are doing?”

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