There Are Always Better Days

February 10, 2012
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In the small town of Pueblo, Colorado there was a family of five. There is a young child of the age three. His name is Marin and he was the middle of the three boys. In this family you have the mother the stepfather and the boys. Life seems to be great for this family. The mother is a nurse and the stepfather is a manager at an auto mechanic company. Everything is going great for this family. They have a nice house that is in a good neighborhood. They started to get behind on payments and go evicted. No one truly knows why except the parents. They are forced to move into a house that is in the bad part of town. Martin meets his new best friend who’s name is Luke. Luke and Martin would play all day long until it was time to come home. When Martin reached the age of six his mother enrolled him into kindergarten. It so happened that Luke was in the same class. Everything was going great for Martin and his family. Then all of the sudden Martins personality started changing. He stated to become a little troublemaker and would disobey the teacher. Even Luke stated to act this way. They became the worst kids in the class. It stated off as just simply disobeying the teacher then it gradually got worse. They would mouth off to her and then they started to get into fights. One day when the teacher tried to confront Martin about his behavior and getting to many sad faces he snapped and hit the teacher. Martin got expelled from the school and had to go to another school.

After he finished kindergarten at the other school his mother talked the school into letting him attend the old school again. She said that his attitude has changed and that it would help the family out because it was closer so they would save on gas money. Being reunited with Luke the trouble continued. Martin wouldn’t care about school and wouldn’t try. This caused him to have to retake the first grade. By that time he was eight and his life changed even more dramatically. His parents started to use illegal drugs and they would drink every night. They would even leave the boys home alone while they went out and partied. Martin’s older brother had to step in and be like the father figure when their parents left them. The sad thing was that he was only 11 at the time. The parents both got fired from their jobs and didn’t take care of the boys. They even started selling things to get money to support their bad habits. The boys would go to school anymore because of their situation. Their parents were really bad influences on the children. Martin’s older brother and him started using drugs because they saw their parents using them so they thought it was ok. They were only 13 and ten. The school stated to get concerned about the children not being there. They called the childcare services and they showed up to the house and took them away from their parents. They got placed into foster care and Martin got separated from his two brothers. They didn’t see each other for a year and a half. Martin’s youngest brother was five at the time and he got moved into his aunt’s house, and Martin’s older brother and him got moved into a group home. They were there for about a year then the got moved into their uncle’s house. This was not the smartest idea but the boys loved it. They started hanging out with their old friends again and started back on the drugs. They even started considering getting into a gang and selling drugs. They were living there for about three months and then started to talk to their mom again. The social service got a call stating that this was going on so they started to go undercover and check on them. One day when martin was running the streets his friend told him that his uncle needed him home right away. Martin’s first instinct was that something happened to his uncle or another family member. Martin hurries home to find two cop cars parked in the drive way and his case worker there too. He was strongly considering running but he knew he wouldn’t get far and he would get in more trouble. So he walked up as if nothing was going on and his caseworker told him to pack his cloths and get whatever else was special to him. His older brother had already got his stuff together and was waiting. The caseworker took them away from their uncle and placed them into another group home. They were there for about five months and got moved into a foster home. Martin’s older brother and him didn’t like their new foster home and always caused trouble so that they could get moved again. They then found out that their little brother’s aunt’s house wasn’t to far from their foster home. They begged their caseworker to move them into their brother’s aunt’s house. About two months later the caseworker finally gave in t the fact of reuniting the three brothers. They were all so happy to be a family again because they went along time without seeing their little brother. Martin’s brother and them lived there for four years before moving into a new house. Martin’s youngest brother’s aunt was strongly considering adopting them and everyone was on bored. They got the paper work done and everything was set. The adoption was going to take place in February. When martin’s oldest brother turned 16 he ran away. They eventually caught him and brought him home. He was there for about three weeks before he ran away again. This time he didn’t come back. Martin’s youngest brother and him were heartbroken by this but continued on without him. They got adopted in funerary of martin’s eighth grade year. The two boys now had the best parents they could ask for. They didn’t even mention to anyone that they were adopted because their new mother and father seemed to them as biological parents. Martin is now 18 and is living a good life and is on track to graduate. His brother is in the eighth grade and he is maturing very fast. Martin currently signed papers to join the Marines. His mom and dad are very proud of them because they changed their lives around forever. Their parents are always there for them and back them up 100% with what ever they want to do. His brother is playing select baseball and is extremely good. This story of these boys just shows that even in the darkest times you can do anything you want and become a better person than anyone expected. All it took for these brothers was a loving family and someone to be there for them and steer them on the right path.

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