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These Four Walls

I've been here for years, never having moved one bit. Since 1987, I've watched kids graduate and kids get held back. Twice I've even watched the teachers leave only to be replaced by another one who will move on over time. Every year, I listen to the same lesson. I witness the crazy antics of eighth graders; they get more and more creative every day, it seems. Sometimes I have to sit through lectures from the teachers about how unruly the kids' behavior is. The worst part of any day is having to remain silent while the teacher yells at a kid for talking even though it was the person sitting next to him or her. I always know the truth. I know that Ryan cheated off of Nick's test during the final exam in 1993. I remember that Simon stuck gum on the bottom of the desk in 1997. I know and remember every detail of each day, but I never can share my truth. No, I remain silent. I have been silent for many years. Not one sound have I uttered since the builders set the last brick in place. So it will be until my foundation shifts and my base cracks. I'll enviously continue to watch people come and go while I must stay stationary. I want a home, a family, a life. A voice. Hear me out, someone! Don't sentence me to stillness until my death. I have so much truth to share, so much truth I want to learn. Until then, I keep watching lives unfold before my very eyes while I wish I could have a story of my own, an opinion, anything. I have far too many restrictions being these four walls...

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manga_maniac said...
Feb. 18, 2012 at 12:40 pm
This is really well written. It was very descriptive and interesting. :)
WritersArt replied...
Feb. 18, 2012 at 2:01 pm
Thank you!
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