A Baby's Adventure

February 2, 2012
By Efrosch SILVER, Covington, Louisiana
Efrosch SILVER, Covington, Louisiana
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It all started out with my 4 baby brothers and sisters; Lilly, Bella, Jack, and Tim. They are always doing stuff they shouldn't be doing and not getting in trouble for it. I would always try to tell Mom and Dad that they are not innocent little babies and that they could talk and try to escape their play pin without anyone noticing.

We were in the back yard because Mom and Dad were having friends over to barbecue, and the babies were left inside in their play pin. This was the day I figured out they could talk. I was walking to my room when i heard voices, and I thought to myself, "who could it be, the babies are the only ones in the house." I decided to walk closer to where the babies were, but they could not see me. I saw them talking and when I moved closer to see what they were talking about, I realized they were making a plan to escape the play pin and go to the mall! I was thinking " really how can babies get to the mall?" I rushed outside in panic trying to explain to my parents what happened and that the babies were planning to escape and that they could talk! Of course no one believed me, they told me i was crazy and to go take a nap.

So I decided that I would prove them wrong. I was going to follow them! Quickly I got my shoes on and grabbed my camera to take pictures for evidence. I made sure I had a disguise so they wouldn't recognize me. I hid behind the TV to see what they were doing. They had taken one of their toys to unlock the play pin and out they went. I slid out the door and followed them on my bike.

Trying to figure out how they were going to get there I saw them crawl onto the bus without the bus driver seeing them. I rushed to the mall to make sure I was there when they got there. As I see them exit the bus I made sure I got a picture. I followed them into the mall to see where they would go first. Of course by no surprise they went into "Babies R Us" first, so I went in after them. Picture after picture of evidence I had to show my parents. They have to believe me now! I turned away for a split second and as soon as I turned back around THEY WERE GONE! Panic started to sink in my stomach. I ran out of the store to go find them. Searching and searching I forgot that there was a second floor! I looked to the escalator and there they were climbing up to the second floor!

I figured this would be a good picture, so when I clicked the button to take the picture the flash went off! The babies saw the flash and turned around so I hurried and hid behind a tree so they wouldn't see me. when they turned back around I started to move. When I made it to the second floor I saw them playing on the play set they had set up for kids. This was another picture opportunity, this time I made sure the flash was off. I decided maybe I should call security hoping that they would call their parents to see where they were, but of course security told me that their parents were probably shopping and the kids were just playing. As soon as I started walking closer to my brothers and sisters I accidentally ran into a woman with the same camera as me.

Both of our cameras went to the ground, I quickly picked mine up so I wouldn't lose sight of the kids. I see them making their way out of the mall, so I hurried to follow them. As they get on the bus I hurry and get on my bike to follow them. Seeing that they are making their way home i try to go faster and beat the bus home so it looks like I was home all day. I finally make it home rushing in the door as the bus pulls up and the babies get out. When I saw that they were going back into their play pin I ran outside with the camera, screaming and shouting that I finally have evidence that the babies had left the house! I sat everyone down so that I could explain to them what happened.

I know they probably all think I am crazy and that I am lying, and making up a story to get attention. As soon as they started thinking that, that's when I pulled out the camera, to show them all of the pictures I took. When I told them I had evidence to show them I think they started to believe me. As I went to look at the pictures and saw that none of the pictures on the camera were mine, I realized that when I ran into that lady with the same camera as me I grabbed her camera instead of mine. Looks like I won't be busting my baby brothers and sisters this time.

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